Casting CallsZellner Bros' "Sasquatch Sunset": Everything We Know So Far

Zellner Bros’ “Sasquatch Sunset”: Everything We Know So Far


Key Takeaways:

– The Zellner Bros' offbeat film, “Sasquatch Sunset”, has its limited release slated for April 12, 2024.
– The film explores the life of a of sasquatches during a year, features unique no-dialogue technique.
– Cast includes Jesse Eisenberg, , and one of the filmmakers, Nathan Zellner.

Daring To Be Different: The Zellners Bros' Take On Filmmaking

David and Nathan Zellner, the Zellner Bros, may not yet be standard household names but they are making waves with their unconventional approach to filmmaking. Their continually challenge Hollywood norms. Their latest creativity explosion is a bigfoot dramedy titled “Sasquatch Sunset.” Premiering at recently, it showcased their unique vision.

Sasquatch Sunset: Defying Conventions

It's safe to say the film isn't traditional. The film lacks comprehendible dialogue and the Zellners didn't include subtitles. This step is rare in the industry, making the film even more standout.

As David Zellner explains, their decision not to include subtitles was to allow to be more immersed in the world of the sasquatches. They approached the script wanting to delve into the sasquatches' perspective, without judgment or shame. The film doesn't shy away from more unflattering depictions of these mythical creatures, inviting audiences into their world.

Subtlety and Authenticity: Bringing the Sasquatches to Life

The Zellner Bros found inspiration from Disney's The Incredible Journey and various wildlife documentaries while finessing the film's distinctive . Their goal was to make audiences forget they were looking at an actor in costume and accept these characters as real. They aimed to explore the gray area between animal and human behavior.

The cast required top-notch talent to bring this family of sasquatches to life. It features Jesse Eisenberg, Riley Keough, and Nathan Zellner himself. In fact, David Zellner quipped that Nathan was born to play a bigfoot.

Expansion Inspired by Response to Short Film

A huge influence in deciding to produce this -length film was the response to Sasquatch Birth Journal 2, their earlier short film. This short consisted primarily of one unbroken shot of a bigfoot giving birth in a tree. David recalls joking with Nathan about expanding on this concept, and eventually, the script for Sasquatch Sunset was born.

Sasquatch Sunset: Hitting Screens Soon

Come April 12, 2024, Sasquatch Sunset is set to have its limited release and will wide on April 19, 2024. The movie might not appeal to everyone, but its quirky and heartfelt narrative following a year in the life of a sasquatch family makes it one of the must-see films of the year. Follow us for more news and updates.

Summary: Zellner Bros' Quirky Bigfoot Film

The Zellner Bros continue their tradition of defying typical Hollywood standards with their latest film, “Sasquatch Sunset”. It presents an unconventional take on the bigfoot story, showcasing in authenticity and character depiction. With their unique artistic perspective, the Zellner Bros bring to life the tale of a sasquatch family through a year, pushing the boundaries of cinema.

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