Rice University Student Short Film Casting Call for Several Lead Roles in Houston, Texas

Casting directors are now casting for an upcoming short film for Rice University filming in Houston, Texas.

(Production Submitted by Rice University Student Project) Production title: Untitled Union / Non-Union: Non-Union Production Type: Independent/student Project length: Short Film (<10 minutes) Project format:16:9 HD Posted on: Saturday February 1st, 2014 Production location: Houston Production Company: Rice University Student Project Director/Contact: Natasha Kappaya Audition Location: 6100 Main St, Houston, TX 77005 Email: [email protected] Compensation: Unpaid   KEY DATES:   Auditions will be held Saturday February 8th, and Sunday February 9th, 2014 from 1pm – 10pm. (Please note all auditions will be given a specific time within this window)   Synopsis:   This project, as of yet untitled, is a short film about the relationship between a young woman, Lucy, and her father. They have a close relationship, but the differences between their lifestyles are abundant-- Lucy is an assimilated, second generation woman of South Asian descent. Her father, on the other hand, is deeply rooted in the cultural values he held before coming to the States. The film focuses on a segment of Lucy's life, wherein she reveals her bisexuality to her father, and the impact this has on their relationship.   Characters:   LUCY BOBOLI – Female, South Asian/Middle Eastern/Arab background. AGE 20-26.   Lucy is a young woman, who naively expects her father to easily accept the part of her life that she shares with him, because of the close nature of their relationship. Lucy does not fit in with the cultural norms that her father grew up with, and strives to make him proud in spite of this fact.   MR. BOBOLI – Male, South Asian/Middle Eastern/Arab background. AGE 40-60.   Mr. Boboli is a single father, who feels greatly responsible for Lucy, and sees her way of being as a reflection on the way he raised her. He loves his daughter unconditionally, but struggles to understand how Lucy did not grow up the way he anticipated. He also struggles fundamentally with the fact that Lucy is no longer the little girl he always pictures her as, but instead, is a grown woman. This character was written to have a slight accent, but while one is preferred, it is not required.     Actors are asked to please bring a short list detailing any previous acting experience, and a recent photo. Actors will not need to prepare anything for the audition, but the director will be performing a screen test with other actors, as this film is about the dynamic between the two lead characters. If interested, please e-mail Natasha Kappaya at [email protected]