Photoshoot Casting Call for Curvy Models (Pay is $300/Day)

Model Job

Model Job

Calling all curvy beauties: Exciting photoshoot opportunity in Miami, FL.

Attention all curvy models! Are you ready to take the modeling world by storm and showcase your stunning curves in a captivating photoshoot? A fantastic opportunity awaits you in the vibrant city of Miami. A casting call is underway, and we're looking for two confident and charismatic curvy models to join an upcoming shoot. Get ready to strike a pose and embrace your unique beauty in a series of captivating shots against the backdrop of the picturesque Miami scenery. With an enticing payment of $300 per day, this is an opportunity you will want to take advantage of!

This exclusive photoshoot will span two days, each offering a distinct theme and location. On June 2nd, you'll have the chance to channel your inner beach babe as you hit the waves for a thrilling 30-minute jetski shoot. Feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your skin as you capture stunning images that exude confidence and radiance.

The excitement continues on June 3rd with a four-hour shoot aboard a luxurious yacht. Prepare to bask in the glamour of high fashion and showcase your curves against the breathtaking Miami skyline. With the stunning yacht as your backdrop, you can let your charisma shine through in each shot.

Miami, the vibrant sun, sea, and style hub, will be the perfect backdrop for this extraordinary photoshoot. Miami is known for its vibrant art deco architecture, world-class beaches, and electric atmosphere, Miami offers the ideal setting to capture your beauty and confidence. Soak up the city's lively energy as you create unforgettable images celebrating your curves.

We value your talent and commitment, so we're offering a competitive payment of $300 per day for this photoshoot. Not only will you have the opportunity to showcase your curves in a professional setting, but you'll also be rewarded for your hard work and dedication.

Curvy models are redefining the beauty standards in the fashion industry, and it's high time their voices are heard. This casting call aims to celebrate the beauty and diversity of all body types, demonstrating that curves are something to be embraced and celebrated. By participating in this photoshoot, you can inspire countless others, promoting body positivity and self-love.

Ladies, it's time to embrace your curves and showcase your unique beauty in a special photoshoot in Miami. This casting call is your chance to shine and make a statement in the fashion industry. With a generous payment of $300 per day and the opportunity to inspire others with your confidence and body positivity, this is an experience you won't want to miss. So, don't hesitate! Submit your application today and get ready to own the camera, one captivating pose at a time.

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Photoshoot Casting Call for Curvy Models (Pay is $300/Day)


Need 2 Curvy Models

June 2nd :30mn shoot with jetski

June 3rd : 4hrs shoot in a yatch

Location: Miami

Paid $300

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