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Netflix and Tyler Perry Studios’ Atlanta Casting Call for a Strip Club Scene


The acting landscape is periodically full of auditions, casting calls, and job for actors and performers of various skill levels. One such exciting opportunity that recently surfaced is the joint venture by Netflix and Tyler Perry Studios, in the form of a casting call for an upcoming Strip , set to be filmed in Atlanta. This article provides a strategic guide to the job description, responsibilities, requirements, and for this opportunity, and is developed from an SEO standpoint for any aspiring actor or entertainer looking for a breakthrough.

Key Takeaways:

Becoming a successful actor involves grasping opportunities, honing skills, and creating a unique market space. This casting call from Netflix and Tyler Perry Studios provides a platform to do just that.

  • Performers from all backgrounds are invited.
  • The opportunity is a golden chance to gain hands-on experience and exposure in professional acting.
  • It helps in building an extensive network in the film .
  • The financial benefit is not to be overlooked.
  • The casting call may very well be the stepping stone to more significant in future.

Job Detail:

This casting call from Netflix and Tyler Perry Studios unveils an enthralling opportunity to be part of a strip club scene production, immersed in an environment, under the glorious lights of a transformative industry. The project is based in Atlanta, renowned as the hub of the entertainment world, and promises to offer an insight into professional on-screen acting.

This is a chance for , models, or talents who can play the part of ‘strange and bizarre looking' individuals. More roles may be available for performers who fit the description of upscale patrons and experienced dancers.

Job Responsibilities:

As a participant in the strip club scene,

  • You will play an integral role in bringing the script to life.
  • You will be required to portray unique and bizarre characteristics, as required by the scene.
  • You may need to perform dance routines, depending upon the part you're assigned.
  • Cooperation with the director and other actors on the set is essential.
  • Expect potential alterations to and requiring improvisation.


To be considered for the casting call,

  • Performers must be at least 18 years old, due to the mature nature of the scene.
  • You should ideally live in or around Atlanta, or be willing to travel.
  • Your schedule should be flexible to accommodate potential changes in filming schedules.
  • You need to provide three recent photos capturing your different angles and presence.
  • An updated, practical resume showcasing your skills, experience and contact information is compulsory.
  • Natural-looking performers are a preferred choice.


The compensation aspect is equally intriguing. Despite being an extra or feature role, the pay scale is substantially generous.

  • The role attracts a pay of $200 per 8 hours.
  • Due to the filming necessities, a contingency for overtime is also considered, with additional compensation promised.

This casting call is a testament to Atlanta's thriving and its appeal to showbiz giants like Netflix and Tyler Perry Studios. An opportunity like this should not be missed by aspiring talents wishing to carve a niche in the sector. All hopefuls should keep their eyes peeled for more diverse and inclusive casting calls like these, that aim at breaking the aesthetic stereotypes often prominent in the industry.

If you resonate with the requirements and find this opportunity appealing, you should take the leap and apply. Remember, the world is your stage. Let your passion guide you to fame. Good luck!

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