Casting CallsNBC's 'Chicago Fire' Extras Casting Call for Office Workers

NBC’s ‘Chicago Fire’ Extras Casting Call for Office Workers


Every aspiring actor dreams of that breakthrough role, the opportunity to share the screen with top-tier talent and prove their acting chops. However, it’s not all about the limelight, leading roles, or glamorous award shows. Enter the exciting world of television background acting – specifically, an extras casting call for NBC’s hit series, Chicago Fire.

Key Takeaways

Joining the Chicago Fire extras as an office worker presents a world of opportunities, and not just in front of the camera. Here are a few key takeaways:

1. The acting job offers exposure to the fast-paced, challenging world of television.
2. Extras provide an essential backdrop that makes scenes realistic.
3. This role can serve as a stepping stone to bigger roles in the acting industry.
4. It’s an opportunity to gain firsthand experience and learn from accomplished actors and directors.
5. A vibrant and diverse array of individuals is sought, suggesting inclusivity and variety in the casting process.

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Casting Call Details: NBC’s Chicago Fire

A casting call might not be a guaranteed path to stardom, but it opens the door to unique opportunities, and one such door has swung open in the bustling city of Chicago. Popular television series Chicago Fire, produced by NBC, has announced a casting call for extras to play office workers. Distributed by the Project Casting online job seeking platform, this opportunity has already sent exciting ripples through the acting community.

Job Responsibilities

The job responsibilities for the extras usually consist of being part of a scene’s background, intended to increase the scene’s authenticity. While extras won’t be involved in any direct dialogues or notable performances, they play a vital role in bringing the scene to life. Here’s what you’ll be doing as an extra:

– Appear in the scenes as an office worker, miming office-related tasks and operations.
– Follow directions from the director and crew promptly and professionally.
– Maintain consistent performance during shoots and reshoots.
– Be punctual and committed to the filming schedule.


This is where things get interesting. The requirements for this Chicago Fire office worker casting call are simple yet captivating. Here’s what you’ll need:

– Men and women aged 18 to 65 years old.
– Any ethnicity, in order to represent a diverse office environment.
– Although the only specific role mentioned is for office workers, there’s an emphasis on various looks. Hence, applicants should not feel discouraged if they don’t fit the stereotypical ‘office worker’ mold.
– Open availability on weekdays, as shoots may take place throughout the day.


While the full compensation details are not specified in the provided link, extras in the entertainment industry typically receive a set day rate. It’s also worth noting that the monetary reward is only one part of the compensation. Extras can also gain the invaluable experience of working with esteemed professionals, expanding their network, and understanding the TV industry’s inner workings.

Simply put, the office worker extras casting call for NBC’s Chicago Fire could be your chance to access an enriching experience in television production. Head to the Project Casting online job seeking platform, and keep your acting dreams alight. A real actor knows every role carries value and every screen appearance counts even in the smallest way. Seize this opportunity and let the cameras roll!

Grab the chance to be an extra in NBC’s Chicago Fire by understanding the casting call job description, responsibilities, requirements, and compensation details from Project Casting’s exclusive announcement. Dive into the practical and thrilling world of background acting in the entertainment industry.

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