Casting CallsNBC’s Chicago Fire 'Deceased Person' Role Casting Call

NBC’s Chicago Fire ‘Deceased Person’ Role Casting Call


Attention aspiring actors: NBC is seeking talented individuals for their smash-hit TV series, Chicago Fire. The popular network is casting for the distinctive role of a ‘Deceased Person’. Although this might seem unusual, such roles are critical for bringing a storyline to life and can serve as a great launching pad for future acting opportunities. Let’s delve into the job details, location, responsibilities, requirements, and the estimated compensation.

Job Details:

Role: The casting call is specifically for the role of a ‘deceased person’. In the realm of TV and Film production, this role is often seen in action, drama, or crime genre content, and it significantly contributes to the show’s authenticity. As is evident from the title, it requires individuals to convincingly portray a lifeless character integral to the storyline.

Location & Dates: The location of the shoot is in Chicago, Illinois. Exact dates and times may vary depending on scenes and availability.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Portraying a ‘deceased person’ convincingly: The primary job responsibility is to accurately represent a lifeless character. It requires the subtle art of laying still without displaying any signs of life.

2. Punctuality and professionalism: Arriving at the shooting location on time and being responsive and cooperative to direction from the cast and crew is vital.

3. Flexibility: Being open to working irregular hours based on the shooting schedule is crucial in this role.


1. Age: The opportunity is open to males, aged 20-60, of any ethnicity.

2. Appearance: Since the role is of a deceased person, applicants should have a natural look without any tattoos, unusual piercings, or dramatic haircuts.

3. Experience: Previous acting experience is not necessary for this role, making it a valuable foot-in-the-door for aspiring actors.

4. Measurement details: Participants must provide accurate height, weight, and clothing size details for costume fittings.

5. Availability: Applicants must be available for fitting and filming in the location provided during the specified dates and times.

Compensation Details:

It is always important to remember that such opportunities come with some compensation. In this case, the pay rate is $185/8, quite an appealing salary, plus $40 for fitting.

Key Takeaways:

– A gritty procedural drama, Chicago Fire, opens its casting for a unique role of a ‘deceased person’. The role does not demand previous acting experience.
– The shooting will take place in Chicago, Illinois. The call is open to males aged between 20-60.
– The role requires punctuality, professionalism, and flexibility in work hours.
– Attractive pay with compensation for costume fitting.

In Conclusion:

Casting calls like these provide an excellent opportunity for all aspiring actors to gain hands-on industry experience. Additionally, contributing to a popular series like NBC’s Chicago Fire can help newcomers forge connections within the industry, making it a fantastic opportunity to kick-start an acting career. So, aspiring actors in and around Chicago- don’t miss out on this fantastic chance to show your dedication and talent in the heavyweight acting industry.

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