Nationwide Casting Call for a New Network Reality Series


(e-mail submitted) Cable network series wants you to join our traveling circus! We are looking for imaginative people with strong personalities to join our cast. Our show features trained domestic cats who amaze you as they ride skateboards, ring bells, roll barrels, walk the high wire, climb ropes, push a shopping cart, jump through hoops, and even run a cat-size agility course. Our "cat shows" travels and performs sold-out venues across the country for audiences of all ages. Our cats have been seen on Animal Planet, in TV commercials, music videos, and on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, to name a few. We are looking for candidates to travel the country with a troupe of trained cats. Our animal troupe also includes a groundhog, a chicken, and a even a few rats! We're looking for cast two roles for this traveling circus: Assistant ringmaster and tour bus driver. --- Assistant Ringmaster:  We are looking for an aspiring animal trainer and experienced performer to travel the country with a troupe of trained cats. We are looking for imaginative people with strong personalities to join our cast. You are a special kind of person.  You are a theatrical thinker with a flair for drama and spectacle who loves being on stage!  You also don't mind getting your hands dirty. Like a magician's assistant, you will assist our Ringmaster both behind-the-scenes on camera, and on stage, helping to usher our troupe of trained cats into the spotlight. You love animals and know how to care for them. You're up for adventure and can go on the road. Expect tight quarters, craziness, a lot of fun, and the experience of a lifetime! Duties include, but are not limited to assisting the ringmaster in the ring, prepping the cats for the show, caring for the cats including grooming, feeding, cleaning, etc., personal errands for the circus ringmaster. This job is very physical, so applicants must be in good shape. People with cat allergies are encouraged not to apply. Expect tight quarters, craziness, a lot of fun, as well as an experience of a lifetime. --- Quirky Driver: Are you up for adventure and have a flexible schedule? We are an unusual troupe of real-life performers on tour with one crucial missing piece. We need someone to drive the bus! We are looking for imaginative people with strong personalities to join our cast. You will be an essential member of the on-screen cast - a straight shooter who can put up with our wackiness on the road. We need someone to travel the country with a troupe of trained cats. A CDL license is not required but would be helpful, as well as if you're mechanically inclined. Duties include, but are not limited to: Driving the circus tour bus throughout the U.S., handling maintenance and logistics if bus needs service or breaks down, fueling the bus, loading and unloading equipment, keeping the bus clean and road ready for the team. --- NOTE BOTH JOBS ARE FULL TIME, PAID GIGS. ATTENTION ACTORS: PLEASE OBSERVE THAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR PEOPLE WHO CAN WORK HARD AND HANDLE THE POSITION, NOT PEOPLE LOOKING FOR FAME.  Tours are currently focused in the southern U.S. region and are booked starting in mid-January and run monthly throughout the year, with two to four week breaks every few months. Accommodations include sharing an RV and/or hotel rooms in a series of mini-tours across the country. We start filming immediately. Casting is NATIONWIDE. We are a family of seasoned producers working in original non-fiction television for major cable networks such as A&E, Discovery Channel, TLC, MTV, History, National Geographic Channel, and Channel 4 in the UK. As always, we are looking for unique professionals, businesses, and related environments to produce as new shows. Subjects and worlds that would be exciting and compelling to watch on national TV. If you're thinking right now THAT'S ME! THAT'S ME! Or someone you know? Contact us! We'd like to hear from you. Send an email ASAP to [email protected] and tell us why you would be perfect. Here's what we need: Please submit a short video and upload it to YouTube as a private video. Video content can be professional quality, but it is not required. We just want to get a sense of you and your personality. You can also send us a link to your YouTube channel, online content, or sizzle reel if it already exists. Please include the following information: - Name, location, and occupation - Email address and phone number to contact you - Brief description of you - Photos (any photo will do, we just want to get a sense of you) - Link to the private YouTube video - Brief description of why you'd like to participate in this quirky new show - Brief description of why you think you'd be a great candidate for this show - Feel free to attached additional information if available