Music Video New Orleans Casting Call for Musicians


African american jazz musician with saxophone in front of old wooden wall.

Celebrating the spirit of classical music: New Orleans, Louisiana.

Calling all talented male musicians passionate about the timeless allure of classical New Orleans music! An exciting music video project is on the horizon, set against the vibrant backdrop of the Big Easy itself. This casting call seeks individuals who can infuse life into the enchanting melodies of the city's iconic music scene.

The heart of New Orleans beats to the rhythm of its music, a cultural tapestry woven with soulful tunes and timeless melodies. The production team seeks skilled male musicians aged 18 and above to capture this essence. If you can embody the spirit of New Orleans music through your instruments and appearance, this is your chance to shine.

The music video promises a visual and auditory feast, featuring either individual classic New Orleans musicians attired in black suits and brandishing their instruments or a full-fledged brass band. The picturesque streets of New Orleans will provide the backdrop, encapsulating the soul of the city's musical heritage.

For those selected, the role comes with critical responsibilities:

  • Miming Musical Magic: Your task will be to mimic the music, playing your instrument while donning a full black suit. The objective is to authentically convey the experience of a live musical performance, all while contributing to the video's timeless atmosphere.
  • Collaboration at its Core: You'll be an integral part of the team, working closely with the director and production crew to ensure your performance seamlessly aligns with the video's overarching vision.
  • Professional Poise: Punctuality is paramount; arriving on set promptly is essential. Be ready to dedicate approximately 6 hours to the shoot, with flexibility being key as timing might vary.

Here's what the production team is searching for:

  • Musical Maestros: Male adults aged 18 and above with mastery over instruments like the trombone, saxophone, trumpet, or snare drum.
  • Calendar Champions: Availability on either Tuesday, August 29th or Wednesday, August 30th, is a must. Ideally, being accessible on both days would be advantageous as the final shoot date will be confirmed.
  • Time and Commitment: An open schedule for the entire shooting day is crucial; no conflicting obligations or interruptions should stand in your way.
  • The Right Attire: Ownership of the instrument and a full black suit is required. This attire will help you blend seamlessly into the video's classic aesthetic.
  • Miming Mastery: Your ability to realistically mime your instrument playing to match the music is a significant plus.

Your talent deserves to be acknowledged, and that's why compensation for this endeavor stands at a rate of $250 per person. This fee encompasses the entire shoot day, regardless of when your final scenes are captured. Rest assured, payment will be made once the shoot wraps up.

If you meet these requisites and are eager to participate in this musical voyage, don't hesitate to submit your application. Include details about your chosen instrument, your availability on the specified dates, and a summary of your relevant experiences. Together, let's capture the effervescent essence of New Orleans music and bring its magic to life!

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How to apply?

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Music Video New Orleans Casting Call for Musicians

Job Detail: We are currently casting for an exciting music video project that celebrates the timeless charm of classic New Orleans music. We are looking for talented male musicians aged 18 and older who can bring the spirit of New Orleans music to life through their instruments and appearance. The video will feature either individual classic New Orleans musicians with tools and full black suits or a full brass band. The shoot will take place in the vibrant city of New Orleans and will last for one day.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Miming to the music: You will mimic the music using your instrument while wearing a full black suit. The goal is to authentically convey the essence of playing live music, even though you won't be performing live for the video.
  • Collaborating with the team: You'll work closely with the director and production crew to ensure that your performance aligns with the vision of the music video.
  • Maintaining a professional demeanor: Arrive on set punctually and be prepared to work for the entire day, approximately 6 hours. Flexibility is critical, as the exact time frame may vary.


  • Male adults aged 18 years and older.
  • Proficiency in playing one of the instruments: Trombone, Saxophone, Trumpet, Snare Drum.
  • Availability for the shoot on Tuesday, August 29th, or Wednesday, August 30th. Ideally, you should be available for both days, as the final shooting date will be determined.
  • Open availability for the entire day of shooting, with no conflicting obligations or interruptions.
  • You must own and bring your instrument and a full black suit to the set.
  • Ability to realistically mime, playing the instrument to match the music.


  • Payment: $250 per person.
  • This rate includes the entire shoot day, regardless of the final shooting time.
  • Payment will be disbursed after the shoot is completed.

If you meet the requirements and are excited to participate in this classic New Orleans music video project, please submit your application at your earliest convenience. Please include your instrument, availability for the specified dates, and a brief experience description. We look forward to capturing the vibrant essence of New Orleans music with your talent!

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