Murderous Scary Types for DC Metro Area TV Spot Casting Call

Casting directors are now casting talent for a TV spot in Virginia/DC Metro area.

They are casting for various roles and they are looking for scary, unkempt, low class, and murderous types.
Caryln Davis Casting is casting non-speaking roles and are seeking 4 talents to fit the individual roles.
Still interested? See the Casting Call Information below:

DC Metro Area TV Spot Casting Call Information

Carlyn Davis Casting, Inc. recently posted the following casting on their Facebook Page:

We are looking for the following NON-UNION talent for a TV spot. Auditions will be held sometime between July 10-12, 2013 in Falls Church, VA. Shoot will be on Wednesday, July 17, 2013 in the DC Metro area. Non-speaking roles. 4 people, all scary, unkempt, low class, murderous types. Caucasian Female, 70s+, looks catatonic. Long, gray hair is a plus. Caucasian Male, 55-70, unkempt. Creepy and untrustworthy look. Caucasian Male, 30s-50s, dangerous ex-con look. Caucasian Female, 20s-30s, provocative/promiscuous look, perhaps mentally unstable. Tattoos are a plus. Rabid junkyard dog For consideration, please email [email protected] with your headshot/resume. Please include all contact information including phone number in your submission. Please list "Commercial Casting - Murderous Type" in the subject of the email. No phone calls, please. Thank you!

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