"Mostly Ghostly 2" Casting Call for a Halloween Party Scene in Los Angeles

Casting directors are seeking teens to work on the new feature film "Mostly Ghostly 2" filming in Los Angeles.

According to their Facebook Page, “Nicky and Tara still live in Max’s bedroom, and while they’ve found some clues, they still don’t know what happened to their parents. Meanwhile, Phears is still desperate to get his hands on Nicky and Tara, and to pressure Max into turning them over, Phears brings a Berserker Ghoul to inhabit Max’s body—and make Max go berserk when he least expects it! But Max, Nicky, and Tara aren’t giving in to Phears. They have a few tricks up their sleeve—like one very talkative ghost cat, who’s taken residence inside the tunnel to the ghost world.” Casting directors are seeking people ages 18 to 23 with Halloween costumes to work on an upcoming scene. For more details, see the casting call below:
SAG OR NON UNION CASTING NOTICE-Shoots on "Mostly Ghostly" on Friday April 11. You need to not have worked this show in the last 8 weeks. This will be a NIGHT CALL. SAG Rate is 148/8 plus costume bump. NON UNION rate is 64/8. 18 TLY with Halloween costumes: YOU MUST BE AGE 18-23 years old. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT UNLESS YOU LOOK HIGH SCHOOL AGE. You costume must be a complete costume and cannot be anything licensed (ie Superman, Spiderman, etc..). Please email a current color photo of yourself in the costume - if you don't have a photo of costume, please describe it in detail, your union status and phone number to: [email protected] Subject line should read: MG FRI
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