Martin Luther King, Jr Tribute Campaign Casting Call for Kids

Martin Luther King Jr

Martin Luther King Jr

Calling all young stars: Join the MLK tribute sculpture casting call in Portland, OR.

In a heartwarming tribute to the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a particular project is set to grace the city of Portland, Oregon. This monumental endeavor seeks to embody the values of unity, equality, and hope by creating an awe-inspiring MLK tribute sculpture. To make this vision a reality, the production team is looking for two exceptional African-American children, each standing between 45” and -50” in height.

This casting call is a unique opportunity for young talents to contribute to a project that pays homage to one of history's most influential figures. The chosen children will play pivotal roles in bringing this tribute to life, capturing the essence of Dr. King's enduring message.

The selected participants will be privileged to collaborate closely with the production team. Together, they will work tirelessly to ensure that the vision of the sculpture is perfectly encapsulated. Following the director's guidance, these young stars will engage in various poses and expressions to accurately portray the spirit of the MLK tribute.

Who We're Looking For:

  • African American ethnicity: This casting call specifically seeks children of African American heritage, providing an authentic representation of the tribute's inspiration.
  • Ages 8-10 years old: The ideal age range for this project ensures that the chosen children can fully immerse themselves in the tribute's portrayal.
  • Height: 45”-50” inches: This specification is crucial for achieving the desired visual impact of the sculpture.
  • Collaborative Spirit: Participants should demonstrate an ability to take direction and work harmoniously with the production team.
  • Prior Experience (optional): While last modeling or acting experience is a bonus, it is no requirement. All enthusiastic young talents are welcome to apply!

As a token of appreciation for their invaluable contribution, each child selected for this meaningful project will receive a payment of $150. Additionally, catering and refreshments will be provided on set to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Travel expenses will also be covered for participants residing outside the Portland area.

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How to apply?

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Tribute Campaign Casting Call for Kids

Location: Portland, OR

Job Type: Paid Role

Shooting Date: October 3rd

Job Details: We seek two African American children with heights between 45” and -50” to play pivotal roles in an MLK tribute sculpture. This project is a significant tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and aims to convey the importance of unity, equality, and hope.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with the production team to bring the vision of the sculpture to life.
  • Follow directions from the director and participate in various poses and expressions to accurately depict the essence of the MLK tribute.


  • African American ethnicity
  • Ages: 8-10 years old
  • Height: 45”-50” inches
  • Ability to take direction and work collaboratively with the production team
  • Prior experience in modeling or acting is a plus but not mandatory


  • Payment: $150 per child
  • Catering and refreshments will be provided on set
  • Travel expenses will be covered for participants residing outside the Portland area

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