Major Production Secretly Titled "Catbird" Casting Call for Extras in Los Angeles

Casting directors for a major production secretly titled "Catbird" is currently seeking extras to work on upcoming scenes in Los Angeles.

For security reasons the name of the project is top secret, but this is a major production you do not want to miss).
Interested? See the following production details below:
I am prefacing this SAG casting notice with this: PLEASE - DO NOT chat, message, email, text or call me regarding this. I MEAN IT.SAG CASTING NOTICE-Shoots Los Angeles. Fitting on Wednesday, January 15. Shoots 1-24 through 1-27-14. You cannot have already been fit or worked on "Catbird". PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT IF YOU DO NOT FIT THE SPECS LISTED BELOW. Dauntless BG: Men & Women, age 35-40. Men must be height 6'1 or taller, women must be 5'5 or taller. Men should be well-built, but lean. Women should be strong and lean. Please email a current photo, your age, height/weight and contact info to: [email protected] Subject line should read: DAUNT SAG
Also do not apply if you do not fit the description. From the casting director:
Once again, a reminder. PLEASE read the casting notices CAREFULLY. I have 80 year old people submitting for a 35-40 year old age group. Please know that as your time is valuable, so is mine. Having to open over 100 emails which did not remotely match the criteria I posted, wasted precious time. Time I don't have much of in the first place. Think of the thousands of people who read these notices and do the same thing. It all adds up to time that nobody has to waste.

UPDATE (1/16/2014): Casting call for extremely featured roles in California. Casting directors are seeking extremely thin, drug addict looking type of actors for an upcoming scene.

See the following casting call details below:
SAG OR NON UNION CASTING NOTICE-Shoots on Catbird on 1-25-14. EXTREMELY FEATURED EXTRAS. EXTREMELY SKINNY, HEROIN CHIC, DRUG ADDICT EXTRAS: Age 18-40 men and women. SERIOUSLY - we need PAINFULLY thin, strung out-looking people. Please email a current color photo - TAKEN TODAY-not smiling, your height/weight, Union status and contact info to: [email protected] Subject line should read: FACTIONLESS

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