Lifetime's Michael Jackson Casting Call for Lead Speaking Roles

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson - LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Exact date unknown - circa 1990 - Michael Jackson arriving at a celebrity event

Lifetime is now casting lead roles for the upcoming Michael Jackson feature film.

Are you looking for your next audition? ECE Talent Agency is currently looking for actors, models, and talent to work on the upcoming Lifetime Michael Jackson movie. Filming will take place in Los Angeles, California and filming is expected to start this February 1st. Casting directors are casting the lead roles including Michael Jackson, Bill Whitfield, Paris Jackson, and Blanket.

About Lifetime's Michael Jackson movie:

According to Showbiz411, Lifetime is working on a Michael Jackson movie that will show him as a doting parent in the final years of his life is coming to TV. And the good news is, the producer is someone who knew Jackson well from the beginning of his career, and still reveres him.
To audition for a role on the Lifetime Michael Jackson movie, check out the casting call details below.

Lifetime's Michael Jackson Movie Casting Call

MICHAEL JACKSON PROJECT - LIFETIME MOVIE (LOS, ANGELES) Location: Los Angeles Start Date: Approx. February 1, 2017 [ MICHAEL JACKSON > Looking for someone to play Michael Jackson in the last three years of his life as he deals with family, fatherhood, and a potential run of concerts at the O2 Arena in London. Though guarded and sometimes paranoid, a good dad who cares deeply about his children, the iconic entertainer seems at times to just want to be a regular guy who can take his kids to the park or a mall without it turning into a mob scene...LEAD [ BILL WHITFIELD ] 40s, African American, rock solid inside and out, built like a gladiator, confident, capable, strong, likable, decent, Bill is in the Executive Protection business, which means he's in charge of security for extremely important and highly visible VIPs who require meticulous, thorough and sometimes creative attention to detail every time they leave their homes. The single father of a 12 daughter, Bill is stunned when he's hired as head of security for Michael Jackson in his new Las Vegas home, and he takes to his new job with characteristic focus and dedication. Working well with his new partner, Javon Beard, Bill, though always professional, becomes something of a friend to Michael, and sees in him a desperate longing to be a "normal" dad who can take his kids out to normal activities without incident. In the two years that Bill works for Michael Jackson, he endures some ups and downs but winds up becoming attached to the family--despite his acknowledgment that that's a breach of security protocol...LEAD, PLEASE SUBMIT ACTORS AT LEAST 6 FEET TALL. [ JAVON BEARD ] African American, male, late 20s, tall and lanky, with attitude, likable, a person of integrity, Javon is a security guard partnered with Bill Whitfield to protect Michael Jackson and his family; this is his first high profile job. Ordered not to reveal who he works for, Javon is hard-pressed to keep the secret from his pregnant girlfriend, who wonders who his boss is when he's out working till all hours. Like Bill, Javon becomes attached to Michael and his family and is very protective of them...LEAD PLEASE SUBMIT ACTORS AT LEAST 6 FEET TALL. [ AALIYAH ] 12 year old, African American, adorable, wise beyond her years, likes to tease her dad, Aaliyah is the daughter of single dad Bill Whitfield, head of security for Michael Jackson. Aaliyah loves her dad and wishes he didn't have to work so long and often far away, though she's used to staying with his sister, Aunt Gloria...SUPPORTING [ JEFF ADAMS ] 40s, African American, clean cut, good-natured, professional, a family man, Jeff is in the Executive Protection business, and frequently works with Bill Whitfield on high profile jobs. Jeff hires Bill for a one-night escort for Michael Jackson and family, which turns into a full time job for Bill (and later Jeff's own cousin, Javon Beard). Jeff continues to do security work for Michael Jackson...SUPPORTING [ PARIS ] 8 years old, female, Paris is Michael Jackson's daughter. A sweet little girl who's very nice to his new head of security, Paris, like her two brothers, is accustomed to living an isolated life as the daughter of an uber-famous music icon. Though Paris plays and romps with her dad and brothers, she makes it clear that the one thing she really wants is to go home, to their Neverland ranch...SUPPORTING, Please submit mixed or bi-racial actors. [ PRINCE ] 9 years old, male, Prince is Michael Jackson's eldest child, a serious, responsible little boy. Prince is overjoyed when Michael gets him a puppy for Christmas, and he takes his job as puppy owner very seriously, coming in to clean up a mess the dog makes in the security trailer. Like his sister and brother, Prince is accustomed to living an isolated life as the son of a music icon...SUPPORTING, Please submit mixed or bi-racial actors. [ BLANKET ] 4 years old, male, Blanket is Michael Jackson's youngest son. A sweet boy with a mischievous streak, Blanket has a great time playing with his siblings and his dad, and later causes a ruckus when he sets off the house alarm. Like his siblings, he's accustomed to an isolated life as the son of a music icon...SUPPORTING, Please submit mixed or bi-racial actors. [ JOHN FELDMAN ] 40s, Caucasian, tall, competent, Feldman is Michael Jackson's personal assistant. Discreet and protective of Michael, Feldman outlines the job for new security hire Bill Whitfield and emphasizes that if he has any questions, he should come to Feldman, not Mr. Jackson or the nanny...SUPPORTING [ GRACE RWARAMBA ] African, 30s, pretty, smart, Grace is the nanny for Michael Jackson's children, Prince, Paris and Blanket. Close with her employer, Grace is frequently seen with the kids and Michael as they go on outings or play. She's quietly angry when she discovers that Michael has virtually no friends left who'll come to his daughter's birthday party...SUPPORTING [ KATHERINE JACKSON ] African American, warm, loving, strong, Katherine is Michael Jackson's mother. A big favorite with her grandchildren, Katherine is with the family for Christmas and is glad that Michael has stopped "running around the world" and come home. Later, she calls Bill to find out where her son is after Raymone's new security detail has changed his phone number... [ JOE JACKSON ] African American, formerly a boxer and a steel worker, Joe appears to be estranged from his famous son, and is angry when Michael sends Bill to tell him to make an appointment.Later, he yells at Michael's brother Randy for threatening to call the press on Michael to get him to pay a debt... SUBMIT ASAP: [email protected] Please submit age, city/state you reside, and resume (if applicable). SEND: 3-5 clear candid/selfie photos and professional photos (if applicable) of headshot and full body.

Please do not apply, if you are not local or if you do not fit the description.

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