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Law Firm – New Orleans Commercial Casting Call


Every year, thousands of aspiring actors dream and endeavor to break into the world of Hollywood. What many fail to realize is that the road to fame doesn’t always start with a blockbuster movie. Many successful actors began their careers by taking on small roles in commercials. Here, we bring you an attractive opportunity offered by Project Casting – a law firm commercial casting call in New Orleans. We will give you an in-depth analysis of this casting call, including job details, responsibilities, qualifications required, and compensatory details to prepare you for what lies ahead in audition process.

Key Takeaways

– Casting call for a law firm commercial advertisement in New Orleans
– Open for both men and women
– A variety of roles available
– Competitive compensation
– No prior acting experience required

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Job Details

This casting call arises from a law firm in New Orleans that is looking for the faces of its next commercial advertisement. The call is open to individuals across different age groups and genders. Various roles are available, from models to principal roles. The casting directors are seeking real people, giving you an incredible chance to show off your versatility and spindle your personality to the specific character.

Job Responsibilities

Actors employed for the commercial will be responsible for;

1. Performing given roles – principal, background, or supporting.
2. Following directorial instructions – Acquiring a good understanding of the director’s vision and bringing it to life.
3. Showcasing real-life situations – proficiently demonstrating real-life situations, mirrored from common scenarios.
4. Committing to the filming schedule – Ensuring punctuality and maintaining a professional attitude during the filming period.


No stiff qualifications are necessary for this casting call. You need not have prior acting experience, making this an incredible opportunity for aspiring actors seeking their first gig. The most critical prerequisite is the capacity to portray authenticity and realness. The casting directors are looking for talent that can reflect real people with real emotions.

You’ll also need to be available to participate in the commercial, according to the filming schedule which will be provided upon selection.


One encouraging aspect of this law firm commercial casting call is the competitive compensation they offer. The pay details are not mentioned in the link. However, comparison with industry norms hints at a lucrative pay structure. Nevertheless, it’s urged that prospective actors confirm payment details before finalizing any agreements.


This law firm commercial casting call is a golden opportunity for those aspiring to break into the entertainment industry. It’s particularly attractive for those residing in New Orleans, but is not exclusively restricted to them. With the transparent details about the job roles and responsibilities as well as the requirements, it gives fresh talent a platform to start their journey in the entertaining world. The commercial presents a high ground for you to learn, emerge, and illustrate your talent.

Embrace opportunities, like this law firm commercial casting call, that allow you to display your genuine self because these experiences often propel your commitment and passion for an acting career. Remember, in Hollywood success seldom occurs overnight. Small steps and consistent endeavors bring you closer to achieving your dreams. Starting with a commercial role might just be the gateway to further opportunities in the industry.

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