Large Crowds Cause Star Wars Episode VII Open Casting Call Location Changes

Star Wars Open Casting Call forced to change locations due to large crowds.

Casting directors for Star Wars Episode VII is currently holding open casting calls throughout the United States, United Kingdom, and Ireland. 

The casting call was recently announced by Lucas Films, last week and since then there has been a media and fan explosion. There are reports that the original intended casting call was to hold at most 1,000 aspiring actors. But, the latest casting call in Bristol was so large that many actors were unable to audition for a role.

The Casting team has to request new venues in order to accommodate the mass majority of people that have been attending the casting calls in the United Kingdom. Bristol had around 2,000 individuals come to the casting call.

Only 1,000 people were seen, 75 given call backs, and the rest turned away, according to individuals who attended the casting call. 

We will post the updated locations, as soon as, are made public!

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