Casting CallsiTV Senior Talent Search in the United Kingdom

iTV Senior Talent Search in the United Kingdom


Unveiling new horizons: ITV senior talent search in the United Kingdom.

In the ever-evolving broadcasting landscape, where innovation meets creativity, a remarkable opportunity has emerged for senior talents to shine. The esteemed iTV network, celebrated for its unparalleled content, seeks exceptional old skills from underrepresented backgrounds to join its Talent Pool. This is not just a casting call but an invitation to be part of something groundbreaking.

As part of this exhilarating venture, chosen senior talents will have the chance to collaborate with ITV Studios on various projects. Drawing upon their distinctive expertise and skills, these individuals will play an integral role in crafting extraordinary content that adds to the legacy of ITV’s productions. Their collective efforts will contribute to the growth and triumph of the network’s creative endeavors.

In this dynamic journey, senior talents will interact closely with other industry professionals, fostering an environment of shared insights and boundless creativity. By harnessing their unique perspectives and extensive experiences, they will help shape and elevate the essence of ITV’s content offerings. The creative process will come alive through their involvement, resulting in content that resonates and captivates.

This casting call is dedicated to senior talents who belong to underrepresented groups within the media industry. Whether about gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, or socio-economic background, iTV is committed to creating an inclusive space where diverse voices converge. Through this initiative, the network aims to amplify the richness of narratives that reflect our multifaceted world.

A cornerstone of this opportunity lies in fostering a spirit of productive teamwork. Seniors’ talents selected for this journey will be in an environment encouraging collaboration, creativity, and inclusivity. Together, they will contribute to the emergence of exceptional content that resonates with the audience and the core values that define ITV’s identity.

This isn’t just a job; it’s a chance to write the next chapter of broadcasting excellence. Suppose you are a senior-level professional in roles such as Producer, Production Director (PD), Series Producer (SP), Studio Producer, or Executive Producer residing in the Midlands or North of England. In that case, this is your moment to shine. Your proven track record of excellence and your unique perspective could be the missing puzzle piece that iTV Studios is seeking.

While the compensation details will align with industry standards, the actual value lies in the platform this opportunity provides. It’s a stepping stone towards potential future collaborations, a chance to showcase your expertise, and a gateway to expanding your horizons in the broadcasting realm.

If you’re ready to enter the spotlight and join ITV’s innovation journey, now is the time to take action. Express your interest, share your story, and let your accomplishments shine. As you embark on this thrilling path, remember that your journey isn’t just a job—it’s an integral part of shaping the future of broadcasting in North England.

Come, be the senior talent that transforms the landscape. iTV is waiting to welcome you into its Talent Pool with open arms. Your story, expertise, and vision could be the key to unlocking new dimensions of creativity and storytelling. The casting call is available, and your adventure awaits.

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How to apply?

Check out the casting call breakdown below to audition for a role in the upcoming casting call.

Job Detail: Join the dynamic and innovative broadcasting world with this exciting opportunity to become part of the ITV Talent Pool. ITV, a leading broadcasting powerhouse renowned for creating top-notch content, is expanding its output in North England. We are searching for established senior talents from under-represented groups in the media industry to join our Talent Pool for potential future collaborations with ITV Studios.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with ITV Studios on various projects, bringing your unique expertise and skills.
  • Contribute to creating exceptional content, contributing to the growth and success of ITV’s productions.
  • Work closely with other professionals in the industry, sharing your insights and creativity to achieve outstanding results.
  • Bring your perspective and experience to the creative process, helping to shape and elevate ITV’s content offerings.
  • Engage in productive teamwork, ensuring a collaborative and inclusive working environment.


  • Senior-level experience in one of the roles: Producer, Production Director (PD), Series Producer (SP), Studio Producer, or Executive Producer.
  • Reside in the Midlands or the North of England, as this opportunity is focused on expanding ITV’s output in these regions.
  • A track record of excellence in the media industry showcasing your expertise and accomplishments.
  • Belonging to an under-represented group in the media, including but not limited to gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, or socio-economic background.
  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • A passion for creating exceptional content and a desire to contribute to the growth of ITV’s presence in the North of England.

Compensation Details:

  • Compensation will be commensurate with industry standards and your specific role.
  • This opportunity is an introduction to ITV Studios for future collaborations, providing a platform to showcase your skills and expertise.
  • Exact compensation details will be discussed during the selection process based on the role and scope of the collaboration.

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