Indie Feature Film Casting Call for a Scene in the Upcoming Film

Casting directors are seeking actors for an upcoming indie movie filming in Olympia, Washington.

(e-mail submitted)* Seeking actor for 2 day part in Indie movie. Details About Project: Indie Paranormal Romance Movies Story-Line: Her story...Samantha Morgan never thought about what she wanted out of life, let alone how she would live it. Against her greatest wishes, fate plotted her course and entangled her in a paranormal world of demons and destinies. Her world first turned topsy-turvy when she was forced to team up with the alluring and brooding half demon, Falcon Greyson. She never expected a man walking the line between good and evil to protect her, let alone fall in love with her. Diving into the secrets of her past life she must find the truth and the will power to stop the rise of the second devil and save our world before it’s too late. Falcon Greyson just wanted it all to stop, he yearned to break the ties to his evil half, and quench the blood lust that consumed him. He had finally found her, the woman who could save him from himself. Dru just wanted to save his brother; he never meant to fall in love with her. Still, her compassionate heart, her flaring temper, and her unique personality had him entangled in a forbidden passion…in love with his brother’s woman. Now, Samantha finds herself in a world filled with demons, past lives, and an intense love triangle between twin brothers. She must conquer the odds, follow her heart, and fulfill the paranormal prophecy placed upon her. Join Samantha and get tangled up in the suspense and romance that is Arched Wing. About Role About: a male in two flash back scenes. He is getting married to one woman, but in love with another. Kissing scenes. Pay: $9.19 hourly Days of Filming: 2 Possible Rehearsal Days: 2 Filming Locations: Olympia, WA (day 1),  Concrete, WA (day 2) Audition Location: Olympia, WA SEEKING Male Ages: 16-30 White Athletic To Apply Way 1: You can visit our production company website and apply via our casting call pages. You will be require to know that the role you are applying for is "Kian, Arched Wing". You will need the lines from this page, as well as the audition application, and you will need to confirm the audition date you will attend.\ To apply: e-mail: [email protected]