India Talent Search 2024 for "MIRA"


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Talent search 2024: Casting call for "Mira" - A golden opportunity for aspiring actresses in India.

Are you an aspiring actress of Indian origin with a passion for acting and athleticism? Do you dream of showcasing your talent on the big screen and leaving a lasting impact on audiences worldwide? If so, this casting call is tailor-made for you!

An upcoming project scheduled for 2024 is on the hunt for fresh, dynamic talent to take on the role of Mira, a character brimming with depth and athleticism. If you have what it takes to embody the spirit of this energetic personality, this is the break you've been waiting for!

Mira is not your average character - she is bold, athletic, and full of life. As the chosen actress, your responsibility will be to bring Mira to life convincingly, breathing authenticity into her persona. In addition to your acting prowess, the role demands a showcase of various forms of athleticism, ranging from dance and martial arts to running, sports, gymnastics, Kalari, Yoga, and more. This multifaceted role will undoubtedly push your skills to new heights and allow you to demonstrate your physical capabilities on the silver screen.

This golden opportunity is open to female actresses of Indian origin, based in India aged 20 to 30s. It will be considered a valuable asset during the casting process if you have prior experience or training in any of the required athletic disciplines. Additionally, while basic proficiency in English is necessary for effective communication during the production, your acting and athletic prowess will be the true focus of consideration.

The selected actress will not only receive a competitive compensation package but also the chance to shine in the limelight and grow her career in the entertainment industry. Working closely with the director and fellow actors, you will have the opportunity to deliver outstanding performances that will resonate with audiences worldwide. The exposure gained from this project will undoubtedly open doors to new opportunities and take your acting journey to new heights.

The India Talent Search 2024 for "MIRA" calls for all talented and athletic actresses of Indian origin. This project promises an extraordinary chance to showcase your skills, while the exposure gained can set your career on an exciting trajectory. So, take a leap of faith, put your best foot forward, and get ready to embrace the role of Mira with passion and dedication. We wish you the best of luck, and may you shine bright as the embodiment of this dynamic and athletic character!

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India Talent Search 2024 for "MIRA"

Job Detail: We are seeking new talent for a significant role in an upcoming project scheduled for 2024. The selected actress will play the character of Mira, a dynamic and athletic individual, in this exciting venture. The project promises an incredible opportunity for the chosen candidate to showcase their acting skills and athletic abilities.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Portray the character of Mira convincingly and bring depth and authenticity to her persona.
  • Showcase various forms of athleticism, including dance, martial arts, running, sports, gymnastics, Kalari, Yoga, etc., as required by the role.
  • Work closely with the director and fellow actors to deliver outstanding performances.
  • Participate in rehearsals and prepare diligently to deliver the best portrayal of the character.


  • Female actress of Indian origin, based out of India, aged 20 to 30s.
  • Proficient in various forms of athleticism, such as dance, martial arts, running, sports, gymnastics, Kalari, Yoga, etc. Prior experience or training in any of these areas is highly desirable.
  • Basic proficiency in English is required. The actress should be able to understand and speak minimal English for communication purposes during the production.

Compensation Details: The selected actress will be offered a competitive compensation package, which will be discussed during the final casting process. In addition to the monetary compensation, the project provides an incredible opportunity for exposure and career growth in the entertainment industry.


  • Only candidates of Indian origin based in India will be considered for this role.
  • The casting process may involve auditions and callbacks to ensure the best fit for the character of Mira.

We look forward to discovering the next talented actress to bring life to the character of Mira and make this project a resounding success. Good luck!

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