Casting CallsIdeal Family Casting Call Job for a TV Commercial

Ideal Family Casting Call Job for a TV Commercial


The industry is a dynamic and exciting realm filled with numerous for talent and creativity. One of such opportunities is a family casting call for a TV commercial. These casting calls are gateways into the advertising world where families can portray numerous that at home can relate to.

This article will take an in-depth look at a real-life family casting call job for a TV commercial taken from Project Casting, an job-seeking platform dedicated to the entertainment industry. We'll discuss the details of the job, the responsibilities it entails, its requirements, and relevant details.

Key Takeaways:

Remember, although the world of entertainment and commercial shoots might seem glamorous, they also involve hard work, commitment, and professionalism. Those interested in applying for such casting calls should ensure they meet all requirements, are informed about their responsibilities, and understand the compensation details.

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Job Details:

The casting call job is looking to cast real families, including parents and , for a TV commercial. The production company would like to hire applicants from Atlanta, Georgia. Consequently, all applicants must apply by a given , as late applications may not be reviewed.

Job Responsibilities:

Being a family in a TV commercial entails a set of responsibilities that must fulfill. These responsibilities may vary depending on specific demands or scripts of the commercial. They include:

1. Displaying excellent acting skills: Characters must convincingly portray their roles with authenticity.
2. Following direction: All cast members must follow directions from the director in terms of dialogues, movements, and expressions.
3. Availability for shoots: Families must be available for all scheduled productions, including possible reshoots if necessary.
4. Cooperation: Families must work harmoniously with each other and the entire production .


For this casting call, several requirements highlight the type of characters the production team is seeking.

1. Real Families: It is essential that the families are not just actors, but real-life families for authenticity purposes.
2. Location: All applicants must live in Atlanta, Georgia. No housing or travel compensation will be provided.
3. Age Limit: There is no age limit. Children and parents are welcome.
4. Diversity: The casting call is open to families of all ethnicities.

Compensation Details:

Compensation details vary depending on several factors including role type, screen time, and production budget. For this TV commercial, the payment details are as follows:

1. Total Compensation: The final compensation for families selected through this casting call will be $675. However, this amount might change depending on the tasks assigned and screen time.
2. Payment method: Payments are typically made through checks or direct deposit, subject to policies of the respective production company.

The journey towards landing a job in a TV commercial starts from the casting room. So, be ready to be an embodiment of the characters they seek for a successful audition and a promising career in the world of entertainment. Show them what you and your family bring to the table!


Navigating the entertainment industry can often be tricky. However, knowledge about casting call jobs for projects like TV commercial shoots can aid in your journey. Remember to check Project Casting and other job-seeking platforms regularly to stay updated with the latest opportunities. Leverage your unique skills and showcase your talent to land the perfect role!

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