Casting CallsExplore an Exciting Casting Call Opportunity for High School Football Players

Explore an Exciting Casting Call Opportunity for High School Football Players


Are you one of those ambitious high school football players who dream of exploding onto the silver screen? If your answer is a resounding yes, then this article is tailor-made for you. We’re peeling back the curtain on an enthralling casting call job opportunity, all for the teen sports stars waiting for their big break.

Key Takeaways:

This casting call offers an outstanding opportunity for high school football players to diversify their talents and gain experience in front of the camera. Selected individuals can also earn a significant income from the project. Apply now and broaden your horizons in the world of entertainment!

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Job Detail:

The casting call is reaching out to young, energetic high school football players, aged 15-18 years to feature in an upcoming commercial. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran player, this opportunity is available to all those who can bring passion and authenticity to their roles on screen.

Job Responsibilities:

The selected individuals will play the role of high school football players in a commercial where they will be required to:

1. Authenticity: Portray high school football players convincingly.
2. Flexibility: Be adaptable and open to direction.
3. Collaboration: Work in harmony with other cast and crew members.
4. Fitness: Be physically fit and ready to perform football actions as per the script.
5. Punctuality: Adhere strictly to the shooting schedule.


Candidates who wish to apply for this casting call should meet the following requirements:

1. Age: The candidate should be aged between 15-18 years.
2. Experience: Football playing experience is required to portray the role authentically.
3. Availability: Confirmed availability on the shoot dates.
4. Physical Fitness: A good level of stamina and physical fitness is essential.
5. Attitude: A positive and professional attitude is important to work in synergy with the cast and crew.


The remuneration is as exciting as the job itself. Selected football players can expect to earn up to $2,000, including travel and wardrobe fees.

A casting call recruitment notice might be your ticket to spotlight and fame – a chance to juggle your sporting prowess with the glitz and glamour of the silver screen. Muster your courage, step out of your comfort zone, and seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. So why wait? Lace up your cleats, roll your shoulders, throw on your jersey, and step into the limelight!

Wrapping up: This casting call for high school football players isn’t just another job; it’s an adventure into the entertainment industry, a journey filled with opportunities, excitement, and the prospect of making memories that could last a lifetime.

Remember, success favors those who dare to dream and have the courage to chase those dreams. So, high school footballers, get ready for your touchdown into the world of commercials and celebrate the victory of your dreams!

No matter where you stand in your football career, remember, in the race of life, the finish line is only the beginning of a whole new race. Dust off your dreams and go live them. Good luck!

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