FX New Series 'Atlanta' Casting Call for a HUGE Club Scene

FX is now casting new talent for their hit TV show Atlanta. 

Are you looking for a film job? How about working on set with Donald Glover? If so, CL Casting is currently looking for actors, models, and talent to work on the new FX TV show Atlanta.  Casting directors are casting a ton of roles including photo doubles, babies, celebrities, bodyguards, basketball players and a ton of other featured roles for a new episode filming in Atlanta, Georgia.

About FX’s Atlanta:

Written by and starring Glover, who himself grew up in the titular city, FX’s Atlanta follows two cousins on their way up through the Atlanta rap scene whose opposing views on art versus commerce, success and race will make their quest anything but easy. Glover will also act as the show’s executive producer, along with Paul Simms (Girls, Flight of the Conchords), and Dianne McGunigle.

To audition for a role on Donald Glover new FX TV series Atlanta, check out the casting call details below:

FX Atlanta Casting Call

**HISPANIC FEMALE PHOTO DOUBLE** Seeking a Hispanic-looking female. Must be 5’8” and about 110-125lbs. Please list any experience you may have working previously as a photo double. Works Wednesday, April 27th Subject: HISPANIC 5’8” PHOTO DOUBLE Rate: $140/12 **HISPANIC BABY** Seeking a hispanic baby about 24months old. Either gender is fine. Make sure to include photos, age, height and weight of your baby in your submission and include your name and current phone number too. We will even consider hiring two of your children if you have TWINS!! **There will be fake blood used in the scene** Works on May 9th Rate of $140/12 Subject: HISPANIC BABY MONDAY CLUB SCENE **6'4" AFRICAN AMERICAN MALE** Seeking a 6'4" African American male with a muscular build. Please note any standing in experience you may have in your submission. Must be ok working around fullly nude females. Works on Monday, April 25th Subject: 6'4" AFRICAN AMERICAN MALE Rate: $140/12 **5'8" AFRICAN AMERICAN FEMALE** Seeking an African American female 5'8" and between 120-135lbs. Please note any standing in experience you may have in your submission. Must be ok working around fullly nude females. Works on Monday, April 25th Subject: 5'8" AFRICAN AMERICAN FEMALE Rate: $140/12 **GENTLEMEN'S CLUB GOERS** Seeking patrons of a 'gentlemen's establishment' to work this Monday. We need both males and females ages 21-30s of all ethnicities. Must be ok working around fullly nude females. Works on Monday, April 25th Subject: GENTLE PATRONS BACKGROUND ROLES **MIDDLE EASTERN MEN** Seeking middle eastern males ages 18-40s. All shapes and sizes are needed. Especially tall, athletic and/or muscular men. Should be comfortable around firearms. Works on May 11th Subject: MIDDLE EASTERN MAN **NIPPLE RUBBING GUY** Seeking a male who isn't afraid to rub his nipples on screen. Unsure if you will be shirted or topless, so you should be comfortable with either. Must be 18+, but any ethnicity, shape or size should apply. Works on May 2-5 Subject: NIPPLE RUBBING GUY **ANGRY WINGMAN** Seeking an African American male to portray the friend of one of the actors. Should look tough and street-wise. You should look like the kind of guy that is ready to brawl at a moments notice. Should be about 25-30s years old. Works on May 2nd-5th MUST be available ALL FOUR DAYS. Subject: ANGRY WINGMAN IT'S GAME DAY! **EXPERIENCED BASKETBALL REFEREES** Have you ever looked good wearing a whistle and stripes? We are seeking males with real experience as a basketball referee. All shapes sizes ancouraged to apply, but you should be at least 20-30s years. Please list any experience as a referee in your submission. Works on April 28th Subject: REFEREE **PA TYPES** "Copy that! Switching to 2! What's your 20? 10-1 good buddy!" Ever wanted to be a PA? Seeking some younger (18-30yr old) males and females to portray some on-screen Production Assistant types. Actual P.A. experience is not a requirement, but list it in your submission if you have any! Must be available all three days Works April 26, 27, 28th Subject: FLYING IN **POP STAR'S BODYGUARD** Are you built like a truck? Seeking a male over 6’0” tall and VERY muscular to portray the bodyguard of a young ‘pop star’. Please list any experience you may have in security, as a bouncer, military, secret service or as an actual bodyguard in your submission. Works Tuesday, April 26th Subject: POP STAR BODYGUARD **BASKETBALL MEDIA-TYPES** There is a frenzy of flashes on the red carpet! Cameramen, photographers, the press, reporters - We are seeking several different media-types for our game. List any experience you may have in any of the roles we just listed. Feel free to submit also if you just 'look the part' too! Works April 26, 27 and/or 28th You should be available for all three dates Subject: BASKETBALL MEDIA **CELEBRITIES** Are you ready for the limelight and camera flashes just for YOU!? You don't need to be a real celebrity for this one. Just have that x-factor presence and aura like you *are a celebrity* and can act like a celebrity on the red carpet. You have two options for working: Either on BOTH April 26th AND 27th or Working on ONLY April 28th SUBJECT: CELEBRITIES All roles will work in the Atlanta area and pay a rate of $64/8 unless otherwise specified. To submit, please send us at least three clear, well-lit photos of yourself along with your name, age, height, weight and current phone number to [email protected] Make sure to use the correct subject(s) when submitting. Dates are listed with each role - please, check your calendar before submitting.

If you are not local and/or do not fit the description, do not apply

Do you think you are perfect for this role? Leave us a comment below and tell casting directors why you should be selected!

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