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Dealership Commercial Phoenix Open Call


Being a part of the dynamic and flourishing entertainment industry is a rewarding and fulfilling career. If you dream of stepping into the glitz and glamour of the entertaining world through television , this article is your key. An exciting casting call is announced for a Dealership in Phoenix. Embark on the journey of realizing your dreams with this excellent opportunity right here in Phoenix, where your talent can shine through this casting call.

Key Takeaways:

Honest expressions, natural , and an engaging demeanor are what the casting directors are on the lookout for. So take this golden Phoenix opportunity to step into the world of commercials and let your talent speak for itself!

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Job Details:

A prime commercial is in the developmental stage, set to feature an eminent dealership. This casting call is for pivotal roles in the commercial, including parents, a grandparent, and ages 4 to 16. With a wide spectrum of age demographics required, this commercial provides a unique for Arizona to get involved in the entertainment industry in the heartland of Phoenix.

The for the dealership commercial is anticipated to be a one-day affair, and the selected individuals must be easily reachable and accessible from central Phoenix when required.

Job Responsibilities:

Each role has its own distinct responsibilities for the commercial:

– Parents: The job responsibilities of parents' role involve portraying a realistic and relatable image of a family who are navigating the process of purchasing a vehicle from a dealership.
– Grandparent: The grandparent in the commercial is expected to exude warmth, wisdom, and support that is typical of a family elder.
– Child: The child actor(s) will play the part of the family's young ones, contributing to the complete and happy family image.

Key Requirements:

To secure a spot on this commercial, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

1. The applying individuals must be from Phoenix, Arizona.
2. Parents: Two adults between the ages of 25 to 40. Any ethnicity is encouraged to apply.
3. Grandparent: One senior individual aged 60 and older. Any ethnicity is welcome.
4. Children: Children aged 4 to 16, any ethnicity.

Compensation Details:

As for the reward, each selected parent, the grandparent, as well as the children will be compensated $750 each. Candidates with prior experience may have an edge, but it's to new talent who can prove their potential.

This Phoenix casting call for the dealership commercial is an extraordinary opportunity for those to engage themselves in the entertainment business. Not only will it allow stars to shine in the vibrant state of Arizona, but it also provides excellent financial compensation.

In conclusion, this dealership commercial is a promising platform to reveal the magic of your talent. Regardless of your age group, as long as you align with the roles being , this Phoenix casting call could be your breakthrough in the commercial world. So if you have what it takes, and you find any of this appealing, this Dealership Commercial in Phoenix is your open door towards realizing your dreams in the entertainment industry.

Though instances may arise where you may chance upon such opportunities, ensure to perform in-depth research into each role and remember to settle all inquiries and concerns before moving forward. Talent and tenacity always find their way through the camera lens. Here's to your success with your application to this incredible dealership commercial casting call.

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