Casting CallsDining with Drama! The Exciting Voice-Over Opportunity in Atlanta

Dining with Drama! The Exciting Voice-Over Opportunity in Atlanta


As the sun sets over the glamorous world of entertainment, a unique opportunity arises; a voice-over casting call now accepting submissions of talented individuals who can bring a script to life. We’re spotlighting an exhilarating voice acting job for a new commercial project in Atlanta, wherein your voice could potentially be heard by millions!

Key Takeaways

  • Open Casting Call for Voice Over Artists in Atlanta
  • No Experience is Required making it perfect for industry newcomers 
  • Highly Competitive Compensation package
  • Potential for a significant career boost

Opportunity Knocks

This is your chance to make a lasting impression, and who knows, it might even be the milestone you’ve been waiting for in your voice-acting journey. Voice-over roles are no small matter in the realm of commercials; they’re the spine of the story being told. With this job, you have a rare chance to breathe life into the story of a dining experience, highlighting its drama, allure, and impact.

Pathway to Success

Often, dreams might seem unattainable or distant, yet it’s opportunities like these that can bring you an inch closer. Through roles that are not only fulfilling but offer competitive compensation, you pave a path right towards your ultimate goal. 

Job Details

In this voice-over role, you’ll be working on an upcoming commercial project based around a dining experience. A fantastic opportunity to turn the script into a gastronomic adventure with your vocal talents.

Job Responsibilities

The responsibilities involved in this job include:

  • Transforming a written script into a riveting narrative through the power of voice. 
  • Communicating emotions, situations, and nuances effectively to engage the audience. 
  • Collaborating with the project team to ensure the achieving of desired results.

Job Requirements

Every job comes with its requirements and qualifications, here are the key needs for this role:
– Ability to deliver clean, crisp, and emotionally connected vocal performances. 
– Excellent command of English, both verbally and in reading. 
– You must be based out of Atlanta to be eligible for this opportunity.


The reward for your talent and efforts is, of course, a generous compensation package. The details of the compensation will be disclosed to the selected candidates. Rest assured, the payment aligns with industry standards.

Make the Leap

Often, the biggest hurdle between you and your dreams is the fear of the unknown. But remember, every professional was once an amateur. So, if you’ve always dreamt of lending your voice to a project of this magnitude but hesitated, this is your sign to make that leap of faith.

In conclusion, this is not just a job; it’s your on-ramp onto the highway of success. Casting the net wide open, this voice-over opportunity in Atlanta doesn’t require prior experience, setting the perfect stage for industry newcomers to make their mark. So, put your best foot forward, make that submission count, and wait for your chance in the limelight. Opportunity often lurks around the corner when you least expect it, so keep your eyes peeled, and remember, every audition is a step closer to your dream. The world is your stage, and this voice-over role could be your marquee leitmotif that catapults you into stardom. 

Don’t wait for your dreams to chase you, but instead, put yourself out there and seize the moment when it arrives. With this opportunity, you’re not just auditioning for a voice-over role, but setting the foundation of your future storytelling journey. 

Apply now, and let your voice be the passport to your dreams!”

Megan Diane
Megan Diane
Hi, I'm Megan Browne, the Head of Partnerships at Project Casting - a job board for the entertainment industry. As Head of Partnerships, I help businesses find the best talent for their influencer campaigns, photo shoots, and film productions. Creating these partnerships has enabled me to help businesses scale and reach their true potential. I'm excited to continue driving growth by connecting people with projects they're passionate about.

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