'Cymbeline' Starring Ed Harris Casting Call for Sons of Anarchy Types in Brooklyn, New York

Casting directors are seeking SAG talent to work featured work in the upcoming feature film Cymbeline.

Grant Wilfley Casting is seeking Sons of Anarchy types and filming begins Tuesday, November 26, 2013 in Brooklyn, New York.
They are looking for biker gang types. Think people with tattoos and helmets. Compensation is $148/8.
GWCI is seeking SAG-AFTRA biker types for featured work on the feature film "Cymbeline". Think Sons of Anarchy types. Works Tues. 11/26 in Brooklyn, NY. Especially seeking people with tattoos and their own helmets. Please send recent candid photo along with contact information to [email protected].com. Put in the subject line: Name, SAG-AFTRA, Biker Type, Availability, Phone Number (For example: John Doe, SAG-AFTRA, Biker Type, Avail. 11/26, 555-555-5555). Please note if you have a motorcycle helmet. This is a full day commitment. Background work is a job and is paid. $148/8. PLEASE SHARE/RE-POST/TELL YOUR BIKER FRIENDS!!!
Ed Harris will play King Cymbeline, the ancient British monarch, whose daughter Imogen marries against her father’s will and creates havoc between the warring British and Roman factions.The film will feature not British monarchs and Roman ambassadors, but a drug-dealing biker gang and dirty cops in the 21st Century.That would seem very odd, until one considers that the initial set-up for Cymbeline also involves the King ceasing to pay tribute to his Roman overlords.