Casting CallsChris Farley Biopic: Everything We Know So Far

Chris Farley Biopic: Everything We Know So Far


Key Takeaways:
– Paul Walter Hauser of and Cruella will star as Chris Farley in an upcoming biopic.
– The biopic will be directed by Josh Gad with scriptwriting by Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber.
– The film is produced by Lorne Michaels via his Broadway studio.
– The script will be based on the best-selling biography, ‘The Chris Farley Show: A Biography in Three Acts.'
– Chris Farley's family gives their seal of approval for the project.

Renowned actor Paul Walter Hauser, known for stunning performances in titles such as Cobra Kai, Cruella, and Richard Jewell, is set to chuckle his way into another majestic role. Hauser will be stepping into the oversized shoes of comedic legend Chris Farley for an upcoming biopic, directed by Josh Gad.

The world will soon witness the life of the beloved comedian Chris Farley dramatized in an upcoming biopic. Breaking news from MovieMaker (source: reveals that the Richard Jewell star, Paul Walter Hauser, will step into the shoes of Farley. This motion picture project also marks the directorial debut of Disney's Frozen Actor, Josh Gad.

In Project Development

The movie is currently in its package phase – an early stage of development with key roles cast, with plans to market it to potential financiers. The film receives firm support from Farley's family and SNL creator and producer Lorne Michaels. The latter is set to produce the biopic through his Broadway Video banner.

Paul Walter Hauser: Portraying Chris Farley

Known for his -winning role in Apple TV's thriller Black Bird, Hauser will portray the life and highs of Chris Farley. His other notable roles include Richard Jewell, BlacKkKlansman, and Cruella. Besides acting, Hauser also pursues his interests in professional wrestling and rapping, releasing his debut EP, Murder for Higher, in 2022.

Biopic Inspiration and Script

This yet-untitled biopic will derive its storyline from the 2008 book The Chris Farley Show: A Biography In Three Acts penned by Tom Farley Jr. and Tanner Colby. Oscar-nominated duo Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber, who have earned accolades for projects like The Disaster Artist and The Spectacular Now, are on board to adapt the book for the big screen.

Chris Farley: The Spotlight Star

Chris Farley, the celebrated SNL comedian, rose to fame in the mid-1990s. He won hearts with his amusing characters like motivational speaker Matt Foley and Todd O'Connor from “Bill Swerski's Superfans.” The comedian tragically passed away at the age of 33 due to a drug overdose.

Farley's career began at 's Second City Theatre and later transitioned to the big screen with films like Tommy Boy, Black Sheep, and Almost Heroes.

Josh Gad: Transitioning to 's Chair

Adding the director's tag to his resume, Josh Gad is best known for lending his voice to Olaf in Disney's Frozen and his Broadway performances. His acting credits encompass movies like Love & Other Drugs, Jobs, and series like Bob's Burgers.

Given the affection the holds for Farley, there's no doubt this rendition of his life will be awaited with bated breath. The biopic, currently in early development, will provide an opportunity to glance back at the laughter and joy Farley brought into many lives. Undoubtedly, this tribute to one of the finest comedians in SNL history is a movie to look out for.

Hauser to Emulate Farley's Energetic Style

Hauser, who will also star as the voice of ‘Embarrassment' in Pixar's much-awaited sequel ‘Inside Out 2,' has been cast to play Farley, the irresistibly energetic master of comedy. Farley, a Saturday Night Live alumnus, is fondly remembered for his remarkable performances in widely loved comedies like Tommy Boy, Black Sheep, and Beverly Hills Ninja.

– The Production Team

Adding gravitas behind the stage, Lorne Michaels, producer and creator of the iconic ‘Saturday Night Live', will bring his insightful experience to the Farley biopic, producing the movie through his Broadway video studio. Josh Gad has been appointed to direct the film while Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber will pen the script. The screenplay will draw inspiration from the New York Times best-selling biography, ‘The Chris Farley Show: A Biography in Three Acts', written by Tom Farley Jr. and Tanner Colby.

Farley's Legacy and Life

Farley's vibrant comedic presence, alongside his film partners David Spade and Adam Sandler, made him a shining light on ‘Saturday Night Live.' Farley's unforgettable characters such as motivational speaker Matt Foley and the sassy mall girl brought smiles to audiences worldwide, solidifying his reputation as a standout comedian.

Tragically, Farley's life was cut short at the age of 33 following an overdose involving cocaine and morphine in 1997. His unexpected death sent a wave of shock and sadness through Hollywood, leaving fans and fellow SNL members reeling.

Honoring Farley: Family and Fans Provide Approval

Chris Farley's family conveyed their excitement about the project and the team attached to it. They are reportedly pleased with Hauser's casting as Farley. Fans of both Farley and Hauser are also eagerly anticipating the actor's portrayal of the comedic legend.

Hauser's Rising Career

Paul Walter Hauser, adored by Cobra Kai fans for his role as Raymond ‘Stingray' Porter in 's sequel series, is rising steadily in Hollywood. This summer, audiences can expect to hear his voice in Pixar's much-anticipated sequel Inside Out 2, before he transitions to the live-action realm as Farley.

It'll indeed be interesting to witness Hauser bring Farley's energetic and unpredictable comedic style to life on the big screen. As we await the release of this promising biopic, viewers can enjoy Hauser's performance in his existing projects and look forward to his upcoming roles.

End with the question: Can Paul Walter Hauser do justice to Chris Farley's legacy in Josh Gad's biopic? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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