CBS "NCIS" Casting Information

NCIS also known as Naval Criminal Investigative Service, is a police drama TV series revolving around a fictional group of special agents that investigate crimes associating with the U.S Navy and the Marine Corps. The concept and characters were first introduced in the CBS series JAG.  NCIS was later created from the series JAG. NCIS was later voted in 2011 as America’s Favorite Television Program, and since been promoted to the tenth season. NCIS features Shane Brennan, Donald P. Bellisario, Chas. Floyd Johnson, and Gary Glasberg in association Belisarius Productions, Paramount Television, Cbs Paramount Television, and CBS Television Studios. Principal Casting Information NCIS Bluestein/Kennedy Casting, 5555 Melrose Ave., Bldg. 213, Ste. 210, L.A., CA 90038.   Image License
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