CBS is now Casting Contestants for "Draw Something"

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If you are interested to be a part of the Draw Something - CBS Game Show please leave a comment below and let us know why should be considered. If own a smartphone or a tablet, I can bet that you have probably played the game app "Draw Something". Casting Directors are now giving you the chance to turn that app into a cash and exciting prize. Draw Something, the fun and popular app is coming to America's most watched network in the form of a game show and you can be a part of it. Submissions are being accepted now for all upcoming auditions and casting calls for what could be America's next hit game show. This is your chance to go from beating your friends on your iPhone to playing for thousands of dollars against people all over the world. The Draw something game app was first introduced in February of 2012 and it has been described as Pictionary for smartphones where friends challenge each other back and forth for a game of drawing and guessing pictures. If you are interested in competing on this upcoming game show or would like more information go to or send your headshot, resume, three samples of your art, your art background(if any) and, location info,and  video reel to [email protected] Don't forget to leave us a comment below teeling us why you want to be on the show and stay tuned for more audition updates for Draw Something.  

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