Casting CallsCaliforniaCasting Call Spotlight: Gay Kissing Couple for LA-based TV Commercial

Casting Call Spotlight: Gay Kissing Couple for LA-based TV Commercial


Key Takeaways:

As you consider your application, here are some key points to remember:

• Exposure: This call allows you to explore and gain experience in the realm of television commercials.
• Growth: This opportunity is a stepping stone for you to prove your versatility as an and upgrade your acting arenas.
: More than just experience, this job guarantees fair compensation, rewarding your commitment and efforts.
• Location: Being in Los Angeles provides you with a chance to meet industry professionals and expand your network which might open up future prospects.

Today's spotlight in the lands on a unique casting call opportunity based in Los Angeles. Specifically, we're looking at a casting call for a Gay Couple for an upcoming TV . This casting opportunity is busting with potential for those hungry for a chance to gain exposure and expand their acting portfolio while also earning compensation.

Job Details:

This job entails portraying a kissing gay couple in an upcoming television commercial. Notably, this opportunity has been crafted for real-life gay couples who are comfortable expressing love with their partner in front of the camera.

Job Location:

In the heart of the entertainment industry – Los Angeles, – this shooting project is beckoning professionally inclined gay couples to bring their natural charisma to the table.

Job Responsibilities:

• Act and portray a gay couple with love and affection
• Be available for filming at the set location and time
• Maintain a professional rapport with the co-stars, directors, and crew
• Follow the script and 's instructions and provide additional inputs when required


To be eligible for consideration, candidates must satisfy the following criteria:

• Must be a real-life gay couple
• Both partners must be comfortable expressing affection on camera
• Aged between 25 to 40 years
• Multiethnic couples are preferred
• Professional attitude and commitment to the project
• Available for shooting in Los Angeles

Compensation Details:

Every acting commitment deserves fair compensation. In this project, remuneration adheres to a standard pay scale that guarantees fair compensation for your valuable contribution. Each couple is compensated per a day rate, ensuring your efforts will not go unrewarded.

Greatly positioned in Los Angeles, this casting call could act as a stepping stone to promising opportunities in the future. In the blooming entertainment industry, every chance to display your acting prowess is one step closer to stardom.

How to Apply!

The Gay Kissing Couple casting call presents a fantastic opportunity for real-life gay couples who can portray love and affection on camera. With promise of valuable exposure, vital experience, and fair compensation, this casting call signifies an enriching acting prospect.

Remember, choosing the right project and committing to it can make all the difference in an acting . So, apply today and take this chance to kiss under the spotlight!

Apply now!

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