Capital One Venture Card Commercial Acting Auditions Casting Call in NYC

Capital One Venture Card is currently casting actors for a commercial filming in New York City.

Talent Powerhouse posted a casting call for an upcoming Capital One Venture Card commercial filming in New York City. Casting directors are looking for strong actors that have strong comedic and improv skills. Auditions will be held on Tuesday, June 16th in New York City. Producers will be pre-selecting talent based on pictures, resumes and self-taped auditions. The commercial will film on June 26th or June 27th in Brooklyn, New York. For more details, check out the casting call below:

Capital One Venture Card Commercial Casting Call

NYC - Capital One Venture - Commercial Rate: $450 - Non Union STRONG ACTORS ONLY...COMEDIC & IMPROV SKILLS A MUST! Casting in person Tuesday 6-16 in NYC PRESELECTING BY PICS, RESUMES AND SELF TAPED AUDITION !! Shoots: June 26 or June 27....Location: Brooklyn, NY [email protected] send pic, resume and contact please. you will be sent the sides. DR. FELIX TRIPP The Intervention Facilitator - An upbeat, but serious African American man in his late 30s. SEAN The Brother - A larger, disheveled caucasian man in his early 30s. Malady: Black Out dates. Issue: Thinks the card is too controlling and is keeping the intervened from seeing loved ones. JACQUELINE The Mother - A senior caucasian woman in her 60s. Malady: Takes too many miles to redeeem. Issue: Jacky thinks the intervened is being used, and isn’t with a card good enough. KATY  The Friend - An African American woman in her mid 30s. Malady: Reward cards can change their rules anytime. Issue: Katy thinks the intervened is with a card that can’t be trusted and plays too many games. PAUL  CO WORKER - An Asian man in his LATE 30S TO late 40s. Malady: Restrictions on airlines and hotels. Issue: Restrictions and complications make the intervened distracted at work and difficult to take on business trips. WIFE  CAUCASIAN. MID-LATE 30S. CUTE, ATTRACTIVE - NOT MODEL TYPE. Malady: It’s complicated to know how many miles you need for a flight. Issue: Thinks the intervened has a history of high- maintenance card relationships and needs to break the cycle. SARAH  The Daughter - A moody caucasian 17-year-old (MUST BE LEGAL 18). Malady: Takes too many miles to redeeem. Issue: The card is making her choose sides. Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.