Can I Practice Acting at Home? 4 Acting Tips to Practice Acting from Home


Practice makes perfect, right? Well why not practice Acting from the comfort of your own home.

It makes sense. By utilizing your free time you can improve your acting ability. So here are 4 ways to improve your acting talents from home.

#1 Look at yourself

This does not mean to just stand there and look in the mirror. Look at yourself and examine how you act normally, what do you do when you are tired. How do you walk around the house when you are upset, sad or frustrated? When you are excited, how do you answer the phone? How do you get ready for bed? For acting in front of the camera, everything you do is captured and magnified. So, it is the little things that you do on camera to express emotions, and feelings that demonstrate the best acting abilities. So by paying attention and understanding to how you normally do daily tasks you can improve your acting abilities

#2 Practice Cold Reading

Often times, casting directors will have you cold read a scene in order to judge if you are to analyze a scene quickly as well as speak clearly. If you want to practice cold reading, you can take the advice of what Ronald Reagan did when he was an actor and read the newspaper out loud, cold. Or any book would work. By practicing cold reading, you will have one more ability that your competition will not have. Putting you at the top of the casting director's list and mind.

#3 Record Yourself

TV News reporters spend hours if not days, in front of the mirror so they can better understand their facial muscles and expressions. If you are able to record yourself doing different facial expressions, talking, crying, or yelling you will be able to see what looks the best in front of camera. Think about it, even Jennifer Lawerence said that after watching herself in 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' that she had a really bad crying face. If you are able to see what you look like in different angles, and expressions you will be able to act even better in front of the camera.

#4 Read!

There are a ton of books for sale that will allow you to learn from the greats such as the Meisner Method and other acting techniques. Take up a book and learn unique ways to audition, to perform, and to get into character.


To Practice Acting from Home, is not the garunteed way to success in Hollywood and landing an audition. But, it will allow you to use your free time efficiently. Talent is everywhere, it is the those that are willing to put in the hard work and time that are able to achieve success.

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