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Skyy Talent Agency launches broadcaster talent search in Miami, Florida.

SKYY Talent Agency is excited to announce an exceptional opportunity for talented broadcasters! With a mission to discover dynamic, engaging, and creative individuals, SKYY is opening its doors for a Broadcaster Talent Search. This is a chance for aspiring and experienced broadcasters to join an innovative and forward-thinking agency renowned for nurturing talent and fostering success.

SKYY seeks individuals who are not just broadcasters but storytellers with a passion for entertainment. They are searching for those with a knack for connecting with audiences and creating content that resonates across diverse viewer segments. Ideal candidates should exhibit a unique personality, have a zeal for sharing their interests, and be adept at building a community of loyal viewers.

Joining SKYY means becoming part of a vibrant, interactive community. Broadcasters are expected to:

  • Stream content for at least 30 hours monthly, ensuring consistency and reliability.
  • Craft original, engaging content that mirrors their brand and appeals to a broad audience.
  • Engage with viewers actively, fostering a welcoming and interactive environment.
  • Work collaboratively with the agency to network effectively and amplify their brand presence.
  • Uphold a professional and positive image in all online interactions.

SKYY is looking for broadcasters with:

  • Demonstrable experience in broadcasting, streaming, or related fields.
  • Exceptional communication skills and a solid on-camera presence.
  • Creativity in generating and executing content ideas.
  • Basic technical knowledge of streaming platforms and equipment.
  • Commitment to maintaining a regular streaming schedule.

Joining SKYY is not just about the role; it's about the rewards. Broadcasters can expect:

  • Competitive compensation with potential earnings of up to $24,000 monthly, based on viewership and engagement.
  • Opportunities for brand partnerships and sponsorships, enhancing their market presence.
  • Access to SKYY's extensive network and resources, aiding in brand growth and development.

Being a part of SKYY Talent Agency means more than just streaming content. It's about becoming a part of a family that values creativity, community engagement, and personal growth. Broadcasters can shape their careers, expand their reach, and achieve new heights in the broadcasting world.

Take advantage of this chance to turn your broadcasting passion into a thriving career. Join SKYY Talent Agency’s Broadcaster Talent Search today!


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How to apply?

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Job Details: SKYY Talent Agency seeks dynamic and engaging broadcasters to join our talent roster. We seek individuals with a flair for entertainment and a passion for creating content that resonates with a broad audience. As a broadcaster with SKYY, you'll be able to showcase your unique personality and interests while building a community of loyal viewers.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Consistently stream content for a minimum of 30 hours per month.
  • Create engaging and original content that reflects your brand.
  • Interact with viewers and foster a welcoming and interactive community.
  • Collaborate with the agency to network and expand your brand presence.
  • Maintain a professional and positive online presence.


  • Proven experience in broadcasting, streaming, or related fields.
  • Strong communication skills and on-camera presence.
  • Ability to generate content ideas and execute them creatively.
  • Basic technical know-how of streaming platforms and equipment.
  • A commitment to a regular streaming schedule.

Compensation Details:

  • Competitive compensation with the potential to earn up to $24,000 monthly based on viewership and engagement metrics.
  • Opportunities for brand partnerships and sponsorships.
  • Access to the agency’s network and resources to grow your brand.

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