'Alejandro' Student Film Casting Call for Actors in New York City and New Jersey

Fairleigh Dickinson University is currently seeking actors to work on an upcoming student film, filming in New York City and North New Jersey.

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A young woman consumed by greed uses her seductiveness to elevate herself into society- her toxic nature eventually toppling the world around her.


[NINA> Female, Caucasian, 20's - early 30's. The seductive young woman who topples society for her greed, and in the end is consumed by it. At first innocent, but to the core a self preserving figure, willing to do all that is necessary to maintain her stance in society. Partial toplessness, but nothing that will actually be shown. Will be involved in choreographed dance sequence as well as lip syncing  Partial nudity a possibility. [ALEJANDRO] Male, Caucasian, 20's- early 30's.  Satan. The seductive and mysterious being that drives Nina to commit the crimes that she does. Eventually she abandons him in her own pride, and the very power he gave to her is what destroys her. [LAWYER] Male, Any Ethnicity, 40's-50's,  Tries to have Nina permanently locked up do to mysteries of her past. By the book and straightforward, he sees an evil in her no one else does. [HUSBAND] Male, Caucasian, 20's - early 30's.  The man who falls almost immediately in love with Nina, who wins her over with his kindness. Genuine, strong and sincere, the husband personifies everything that could have led Nina to a happy life, had she not allowed her own greed to consume her. Partial nudity required: Shirtless for one scene only. Filming will take place starting (roughly) January 18th, 2014 and throughout February. All production days will be weekends only. No pay. We will be conducting auditions/screenings via skype on Saturdays throughout December and early January. To Apply Contact: [email protected]