Acting Tip: How to Make Your Character 'Come Alive' and Stand Out

Millions watched 'Breaking Bad' and fell in love with Bryan Cranston's character in the TV series.

But, how does an actor make a character come alive and stand out? That is an important question. The answer could turn a single speaking line into a recurring role. It requires understanding the basics of acting. Once an actor can grasp the basic techniques it takes time studying the craft and most importantly practicing. In order for an actor to create brilliant characters such as Bryan Cranston 's character Walter White, it requires the actor to truly understand his/her's acting abilities. Furthermore, it takes the ability to make 'risky' choices with the roles the actor chooses to play. Most actors do not have the luxury to pick and choose the movies they want to be in. Their destiny is largely held by the producers and casting directors. But, an actor that has the ability to understand their acting abilities, and transform those techniques into an audition. The purpose of acting is to entertain. When an actor understands how to create an entertaining performance they have the ability to make their character come alive. Overall, it is a long and arduous process. Please understand, most actors will make mistakes and most likely will fail. But, if you read any famous actor's bio you will see that it was never easy. But, they kept at it. Ultimately, it is not as simple as flicking a switch; but through practice, concentration, and understanding how to entertain an audience an actor can take their character to the next level. This is what separates the good from brilliant.

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