Casting Calls$9,000 Pampers Commercial Open Casting Call for Babies, Toddlers

$9,000 Pampers Commercial Open Casting Call for Babies, Toddlers


Entertainment is a domain that flourishes on talent. However, talent isn’t always confined to adults; children and toddlers too, are a part of this industry. One of the biggest opportunities has recently surfaced for babies and toddlers, where a well-renowned brand, Pampers, is looking forward to casting in their newest commercial. Let’s take an in-depth look at this lucrative opportunity and delve into how it can help shape a child’s career in the entertainment domain.

Key Takeaways

– Project Casting’s platform, job description, responsibilities, and requirements for the Pampers Commercial Casting call.
– The Compensation details for the casting.
– Important considerations when auditioning your child for an advertisement or commercial job.

Job Details

The casting call requires interested parents to submit their child’s current photos and all relevant details online at the earliest. The commercial will be held in Los Angeles, so local hire is a plus. Parents need to ensure that their kids are free for the product shoot dates as well as for the recall (if needed), which are yet to be announced.

Job Responsibilities

For the Pampers landing slot, children are the primary focus. The chosen lucky stars will spearhead the commercial and become the adorable face of Pampers on the screen. Being comfortable in front of the camera, following direction, and delivering natural and engaging performances are paramount.


While the basic requirement is availability during the shoot schedule, there are a few more boxes to tick off. The child should be a baby or toddler between the ages of newborn to 4 years old. A work permit will be required, which will be provided by the sponsors. The primary criterion, however, remains that the child should be comfortable wearing Pampers diapers.


The compensation deal offered for the Pampers commercial is estimated to be around $9,000 for the chosen child if they are selected for the final commercial cut.


Not only is this an intriguing opportunity for children and toddlers to grab their first acting job, but it also offers a collaborative platform where parents can engage and guide their children towards a promising career. With a handsome compensation and the chance to shine brightly in one of the most successful brands, the Pampers Commercial Casting call is an opportunity that no parent should miss for their child.

Remember the three key aspects while approaching this job – preparation, patience, and perseverance. There’s immense potential in your child waiting to blossom, and opportunities like this provide just the right platform.

This Pampers commercial is more than just a job – it’s a door to greater opportunities, limitless exposure, and unlimited growth. So, parents, brace yourselves and get your children ready for their big break.

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