$500 Industrial Casting Call in Austin, Texas

Paid industrial casting call for talented actors in Austin, Texas.

Michael Druck Casting is looking for actors, models, and talent to work on an Rack Pat Industrial filming in Austin, Texas. Producers are looking for a ton of talented actors to work on the upcoming production. Talents that are selected will be compensated $500 for their work on the production as it films in early February. Auditions are scheduled for Wednesday, January 28th and Thursday, January 29th. To audition for a role on the upcoming Rack Pat commercial, check out the casting call details below:

Rack Pat Industrial Casting Call

Seeking the following to cast the following roles: PACK RAT GUY -  MALE - Late 20's to Early 40's. Friendly, Cool, Confident. Funny like a young Bill Murray or Mike Rowe, even Beck Bennett from SNL. Unhero type. GUY WITH REMOTE CONTROL- MALE - 20's - Mid 30's. A bit of a character with an expressive face. OLD MAN WINTER- MALE- 50's +. Older male with funny expressions and a great look. A Character for sure. HUSBAND- MALE- 30's - 40's- Average looking, a bit out of shape is alright. He probably hides behind his wife with old man winter arrives. Think Kevin James's character from KING OF QUEENS. WIFE- FEMALE- 30'S- She is in charge and better looking than her husband. NEIGHBOR- MALE- 30'S- 50'S- Eccentric looking, hilarious, wacko guy. Think Randy Quaid from National Lampoon to even a bit of a psycho type. WOMAN 1 - Female-  40's - 50's, character type, plus sized, sipping tea while on her lawn. Think Nosey sitcom neighbor. WOMAN 2 - Female- 20's Woman in Bikini sunbathing on a lawn. COMEDIAN- Male- 30's - 40's- Funny and Quirky who comes off as a bad but funny comedian. Think old school Henry Youngman or bad, snappy, comedian from the 80's in front of the brick wall. DRUMMER - Male- 50's +- Older drummer. Probably not as sharp as he once was. Will only be playing a delayed rim shot. Does not have to be a real drummer. Dry comedy a plus! Will be pulling in men from Old man Winter for this role as well to read for this role. LONG DISTANCE WOMAN- 25 - 40 - Great look and playful personality. Who can have fun while dressed in different outfits. She might have scuba gear, ski outfit, she is a woman who would be deep sea diving while traveling and living her life to the fullest. REAL FAMILY: FAMILY ONE: Family of five including MOM, DAD and THREE KIDS. Great interaction between them. Energetic, natural, real likable family. FAMILY TWO: Family of 3 Mom, Dad (30's - 40's) Kid or teenager. FAMILY THREE: Cute older couple 60's - 70's FAMILY FOUR: Two people, young couple starting out in their 20's maybe with a dog too! VARIOUS- In this spot we will be casting 10 specific types ranging in age, race, and gender. They will be holding up their favorite object. Character types are welcome. If you do not fit any other role this will be a good fit. **Will be asked to being a favorite object they can not live without to audition.** Will have props available to improv. To submit please email [email protected] and put Pack Rat - (character) in the subject line ex: Pack Rat - Drummer. All submissions must contain the following: Your full name A headshot or current photo Contact Phone number City you live in If you are submitting as a family tell us a little bit about all of you. List your agency if you have one. Please submit if you are available for the callback and shoot date(s) Incomplete submissions will not be considered. Thanks so much and we look forward to receiving you submissions soon!

Client: Pack Rat

Type:   Industrial

Production Company: Element Productions

Casting Director: Michael Druck

Rate: $500 + 20% Agency fee

Usage: 2 years Industrial, Internet, Broadcast

Interview Date(s): Wednesday, Jan 28th & Thursday, Jan 29th

Callback: Thursday, Feb 5th

Shoot date(s): One day Feb 10th ,11th, 12th

Location: Austin, TX

Please do not apply, if you are not local or if you do not fit the description.

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