$3,500 Invisalign Commercial Casting Call

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Transform your smile and life: $3,500 Invisalign commercial casting call in Los Angeles, CA.

Are you an actual Invisalign patient whose life has been completely transformed by your new smile? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you! A nationwide casting call is now open for individuals who have experienced a significant milestone in their lives thanks to the confidence and newfound smile provided by Invisalign. This commercial is not just about flawless smiles; it's about real people from all walks of life who have embraced the power of Invisalign.

To be considered, you must have completed your Invisalign treatment within the past two years or currently be undergoing treatment. They are looking for participants who live and can legally work in the United States. No exceptions. The project will be shot in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California. If you reside outside California, worry not! Selected non-California residents will be flown to LA for filming.

Selected participants will receive generous compensation for their involvement. Non-union, on-camera principals will be paid $500.00 + 20% agent fee per shoot day, covering all services and roles performed during the 10-hour work day (excluding up to 1 hour for a meal break). If necessary, overtime will be paid at $75.00 + 20% per hour or a fraction thereof after the initial 10 hours.

Additionally, there will be a wardrobe fitting compensation of $75.00 + 20% agent fee, covering all the time spent on wardrobe fitting for the shoot. If travel is required, selected participants will receive $250.00 + 20% agent fee per travel day.

The exciting part doesn't stop there! The selected individuals will receive a buyout compensation of $3,500.00 + a 20% agent fee. This fee covers the use of unlimited creative in all forms of moving media, including broadcast, digital, screen-grabs, behind-the-scenes, and industrial usage worldwide, for one year from the first public use date. The fee will be payable within 30 days from the first public use of any creative, provided the talent is fully recognizable in the final creative.

For those chosen, there will also be an opportunity for usage renewal options. You can enjoy two additional renewals, each lasting one year, with a 10% increase from the previous terms' usage buyout. The usage renewal fee will be payable within 30 days from the start of the renewal term.

Don't miss this life-changing opportunity to share your Invisalign success story and inspire others. Submit your application today and let your transformed smile take center stage!

Please note that all casting decisions are solely at the discretion of the production team, and only selected applicants will be contacted.

Transform your smile, transform your life! Apply now for the $3,500 Invisalign Commercial Casting Call and be a part of a journey that will leave a lasting impact.

How to apply?

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$3,500 Invisalign Commercial Casting Call

We are looking nationwide for:

  • REAL INVISALIGN PATIENTS whose lives have been transformed by their NEW SMILES!

We're not just looking for people with flawless smiles. We are searching for individuals from all walks of life who are REAL INVISALIGN PATIENTS and reached a significant milestone with the help of their newfound confidence and smile.

All participants must have completed their Invisalign treatment within the past two years or are currently in treatment.

All participants must live & be able to work in the united states legally. No exceptions.

This project shoots in Los Angeles, CA.

Non-California residents will be flown to LA to film if selected.

Examples of real stories we're open but not limited to:

  • - Someone who lived with a speech impediment prior to their Invisalign treatment and now has the confidence to speak up, maybe even in public
  • - A couple who fixed their smile together before their wedding day
  • - A parent who fixed their teeth at the same time as their teenage son or daughter
  • - a Content Creator who elevated their online presence after finding the confidence to smile on-camera
  • - Someone who wanted to fix their smile before returning to the office post-pandemic
  • - Someone who was self-conscious about turning on their camera for virtual work meetings
  • - An entrepreneur who reinvented themselves thanks to the confidence their new smile gifted them
  • - A teacher or public speaker who got a significant confidence boost now that they are no longer worried about their smile when commanding a room
  • - Someone who gained the confidence to go on dating apps after changing their smile
  • - Someone who met their now significant other shortly after completing their Invisalign treatment
  • - Someone who is in the middle of their Invisalign treatment and is already seeing and feeling the rewards of their changing smile



SESSION: $500.00 + 20% agent fee (if applicable) per shoot day. One-time fee covers all services and/or roles performed during the 10 hr. work day (excluding up to 1 hr. meal break). Overtime, if any will be paid @ $75.00 + 20% per hr. or fraction thereof after the initial 10 hrs.

WARDROBE FITTING: $75.00 + 20% agent fee (if applicable) covers all wardrobe fitting time for shoot

TRAVEL: $250.00 + 20% agent fee (if applicable) per travel day, if needed.

BUYOUT: $3,500.00 + 20% agent fee (if applicable) - Fee covers use of unlimited creative in all forms, of moving media, including, broadcast, digital, screen-grabs, behind-the-scenes, Industrial, worldwide, one year from the first public use date. Fee payable within 30 days from the first public use of any creative and provided the talent is fully recognizable in the final creative and if any such creative is used.

USAGE RENEWAL OPTIONS: 2x additional (1 year) renewals with 10% increase from the previous terms usage buyout. Usage renewal fee payable within 30 days from the start of the renewal term.

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