$250 Photoshoot Dog House Studios Casting Call

Have you ever wanted to star in your own photoshoot? Dog House studios is currently casting a photoshoot and is seeking women from various ages.
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Dog House Studios is casting a photoshoot and is seeking women ages 20-25 and 40-55.  See below.  Any questions regarding this casting notice should be sent to [email protected]
Models Needed:
Age Range 20-25 (for the role of 'pregnant mother')
Note: models don't (necessarily)have to be pregnant,  we will/can use a prosthetic belly on the photo shoot day. *African American woman *Hispanic woman *Caucasian woman
Age Range 40-55 (for the role of grandmother)
*African American woman
*Hispanic woman
*Caucasian woman
Blue Cross Blue Shield, New Mexico/West Texas Outdoor, web, collateral Buyout terms: Complete Buyout (Professional talent, it is your responsibility to understand the consequences of buyouts to your career.)
Pay rate:
$250.00 (plus agency fee if applicable)
Go-See (audition) Address:
Near rice Village
If you are selected to participate in Go-see,
the address will be provided.
Go-See Times:
Wednesday, December 5th, 2012
9:00am - 6:00pm
To schedule a Go see appointment, contact:
Please email Stacey: [email protected]
*Your Name
*Phone Number
*A current headshot and/or snap shot
*(the photo(s) should be titled: firstname.lastname.BCBS. For ex.: john.smith.BCBS.jpg)
*A day and time slot that you are available to attend the go-see, if selected.
***If you can NOT make it during above listed times,
please let me know and I will try to make other arrangements for you.***
For the Actual Shoot:
If you are selected, we are looking at shooting Thursday, December 20th. So, please check your availability for that day. Each selected model will only be needed for one day and should only be on set for about 5 hours.
Leave us a comment below and let us know why you should be considered for this $250 project, by Dog House Studios!