$2,250 Commercial Casting Call for Pizza Tossers



Boston Casting seeks an experienced pizza tosser for a $2,250 commercial opportunity in Boston, MA.

Are you a maestro of the pizza kitchen? Boston Casting is looking for a skilled and experienced pizza tosser to feature in an exciting new commercial. This is a fantastic opportunity for someone who combines a passion for pizza-making with the artistry and precision of dough tossing.

What's the Role?

The selected individual will showcase their pizza-tossing skills during the commercial shoot, highlighting their technique and prowess. The role involves closely following the director's guidance to ensure the footage captures the essence of pizza artistry.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Perform pizza tossing with finesse and skill during the commercial shoot.
  • Adhere to the directions from the director and crew for optimal footage.
  • Commit to being on-set throughout the scheduled shooting days.
  • Professionally engage with fellow cast members and the crew.

Who Should Apply?

  • The role is open to a male, Black, in his 60s.
  • Applicants should be non-union members with real pizza-tossing experience.
  • Availability is crucial. The candidate must be free for shoots in Massachusetts and Connecticut on 12/11, 12/12, 12/14, and 12/15.
  • The ability to work well under pressure and follow directions is a must.

The selected pizza tosser can expect a compensation of $2250 or more, depending on experience and actual hours worked. This is a chance to earn and showcase a unique skill on a big platform.

Boston Casting would love to hear from you if you fit the bill and are ready to toss your way into the spotlight. This is more than a job - it's a chance to be part of a creative endeavor that celebrates the art of pizza making. So, grab your apron, ready your dough, and prepare to throw it into the limelight!

Boston Casting's search for a pizza-tossing aficionado highlights the diverse opportunities available in commercial acting. It's a testament to the unique skills and talents that are sought after in the industry. So, if you're a wizard with pizza dough and meet the criteria, this might just be your moment to shine!


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How to apply?

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Job Description: Boston Casting is seeking a talented and experienced pizza tosser to be featured in an upcoming commercial. The ideal candidate should have a passion for pizza making and the skill to toss pizza dough with flair and precision.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Perform pizza tossing during the commercial shoot, demonstrating technique and skill.
  • Follow directions from the director and crew to ensure the best possible footage is captured.
  • Be prepared to work on-set for the duration of the scheduled shooting days.
  • Engage with other cast members and crew professionally.


  • Male, Black, in the 60s.
  • Non-union.
  • Real experience in pizza tossing.
  • Must be available for shooting on 12/11, 12/12, 12/14, and 12/15 in Massachusetts and Connecticut (must be available all days but will likely work 2 of these days).
  • Ability to follow directions and work well under the pressures of a commercial shoot.


  • $2250+ (compensation may vary based on experience and hours worked).

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