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Acting auditions casting call for an indie TV Atlanta, Georgia.

Are you looking for your next audition? Well a indie TV pilot is now filming in Atlanta, Georgia and casting directors are casting several speaking roles in the upcoming production.

Casting directors are looking for actors to play doctors, janitors, hot models, and a ton of other roles in the production. This is a comedy, so comedic timing is a huge plus for this one! If you have any improvisation training that isn’t on your resume, please list it in your email submission.

Casting directors are now casting day-players for the production. All roles pay a day rate of $200/day and films in Atlanta, Georgia.

For more details surrounding the open casting call, check out the casting call details below:

Atlanta Casting Call

We are casting day-players for a Non-Union independent project. All roles pay a day rate of $200/day & it films in Atlanta, GA.

Will film sometime between March 7 and April 1st. We do not have exact work dates for each character, so must have a flexible schedule!

[DOCTOR> Male. 40+. Caucasian. Intelligent and distinguished looking.

[JANITOR] Male. 40+. Asian. He is not from America. Speaks broken english. ['CAN'T FIND A BATHROOM' GUY] Male. 25-35. Caucasian. Hilarious/Must have comedic timing. [5 INDIE CHICK SINGERS] Females. 18-30's. All ethnicities. Seeking FEMALE singers to audition for an indie band. [HOTTIE NEXT DOOR] Female. 18-25. Caucasian. Blonde. Very hot, thin, attractive, sexy, gorgeous...ooh lala [LOUD GIRLS] Female. 29-31. All ethnicities. High partner counts and very vocal. Tattoos are a plus (must be able to sign off on all tattoos being on camera). Must be very vocal about womens rights! [MARK ZUCKERBERG LOOK-ALIKE] Male. 23-30s. Caucasian. Must be able to do an uncanny spot-on impression of Mark [ROBBY] Male. 18-30. All ethnicities. Robby is in a wheelchair. Actors applying should be proficient wheelchair users.


Please send your headshot and resume to [email protected]

Make sure included somewhere in your submission is your name, height, weight, and current phone number. The subject name of your email should be the title of the character you are submitting for.

In-person auditions will be held this Tuesday, March 1st in Atlanta. We will also accept self-taped submissions through Tuesday, March 1st at 7pm. Must be at least 18 years of age to be considered. Sorry, no minors at this time.

You must submit your headshot along with your acting resume to be considered.

If you are not local and/or do not fit the description, do not apply

Do you think you are perfect for this role? Leave us a comment below and tell casting directors why you should be selected!