Career News"Dune" Star Timothée Chalamet's Past YouTube Career Revealed by Fans

“Dune” Star Timothée Chalamet’s Past YouTube Career Revealed by Fans


Key Takeaways:

– Hollywood star confirmed his past hidden YouTube career.
– Fans had strongly theorized that Chalamet ran a YouTube channel, ModdedController360, during his early years.
– As ModdedController360, Chalamet painted and sold modded Xbox 360 controllers.
– Chalamet's box office hits include Wonka and Dune: Part Two.

Timothée Chalamet's Hidden YouTube Past

Hollywood heartthrob Timothée Chalamet stands tall with a series of box office hits, namely Wonka and Dune: Part Two. However, a lesser-known facet of his past is an erstwhile secret YouTube channel he ran.

Emerging Evidence

While analyzing Chalamet's past activities, ardent fans stumbled upon a YouTuber going by the name ModdedController360, who garnered attention selling modded Xbox 360 controllers around 2010. Gathering circumstantial evidence, the fans theorized that ModdedController360 might be none other than Chalamet himself.

The Investigation

The investigative trajectory began when an Instagram fan account, ChalametUniverse, spotted that one of ModdedController360's shared a ‘like' from Chalamet. Further investigation from another fan account, tchallamett, revealed striking similarities between ModdedController360's voice and Chalamet's voice in Law and Order.

Further on, Vice and Motherboard joined the intrigue, highlighting indirect clues. They picked up on commonalities in floor patterns and scars on the left ring finger, shown in Chalamet's Instagram and ModdedController360's videos. Additional clues surfaced when they noticed a distinctive chair and a soccer ball bean bag that had in both Chalamet's and ModdedController360's online presence. To fans and followers, these formed a compelling body of evidence linking Chalamet to the YouTube channel.

Chalamet's Confirmation

Ensuing speculations were placated by Chalamet's confirmation. In conversation with IGN, Chalamet disclosed his affiliation with ModdedController360 and shared his modest earnings from painting and selling controllers on the channel. Unperturbed by queries about his secret YouTube career, Chalamet recounted the experience humorously, asserting his enjoyment of that phase.

Chalamet's Outstanding Performances

On the front, Chalamet continues to enthral his audience. His portrayal as Willy Wonka, in the film Wonka, has won him thunderous applause and box office success. In an interview with USA Today, Chalamet expressed that Wonka deviated from his string of more demanding roles. Most affirming was his ' endorsement of the film, with him finally donning a lighter role.

Chalamet Projects

Further down the pipeline, Timothée Chalamet prepares to step into the shoes of American singer/songwriter Bob Dylan in A Complete Unknown directed by James Mangold. This biographical is on the anvil, with stars like Monica Barbaro, Elle Fanning and Edward Norton in the cast.

The disclosure of Timothée Chalamet's secret YouTube channel by diligent fans only emphasizes the enthusiasm he evokes. Clearly, his popularity extends beyond the box office – from Hollywood's high-profile halls to the candid corners of YouTube. His journey from a YouTube hobbyist to a household name in Hollywood is a testament to his versatile talent and charisma.

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