The Arsenio Hall Show is Facing a 2 Million Dollar Lawsuit

If poor ratings were not bad enough, The Arsenio Hall Show is facing a 2 million dollar lawsuit.

Paul Raff, who is credited for writing for Jimmy Kimmel Live! is currently suing the late-night host, The Arsenio Hall Show executive producer John Ferriter and CBS Studios over what he believes were unfulfilled promises. According to Deadline, Raff claims that during an August 2012 meeting with Arsenio Hall and executive producers resulted in an agreement that Raff will be employed as a head writer in the show.
“Raff agreed to make Ferriter his exclusive representative and Ferriter agree to counsel and direct Raff in the development of his career.” The terms of the rep deal were put it a contract, but the pact “was never executed, so the parties operated pursuant to an oral agreement.” The filing goes on to say that “in the spirit of loyalty to Ferriter,” Raff agreed to take a freelance job writing, producing and directing clips for Hall’s website and that Ferriter “repeatedly promised that the job would dovetail into the pre-production phase of the series in the summer of 2013.” Raff claims he and Hall “completed five clips for the website, but Hall failed to shoot more because he was lazy and afraid of failure.” The suit adds that Hall “liked every bit” of Raff’s writing and that Raff in a subsequent meeting “dazzled his interviewers with his creative abilities”. But no offer ever came. [Deadline]
Raff is now claiming fraudulent inducement and negligent misrepresentation and is seeking $2 million dollars.