Here’s why Daniel Radcliffe was cast to play Harry Potter.

Apparently, casting Harry Potter was not that easy. Casting directors were looking for a talented child actor. However, many kid actors do not have the acting experience to showcase their skills.

In an interview with Huffington Post, casting director Janet Hirshenson talked about the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone casting process. Some of the stories were pretty interesting. Apparently, Robin Williams wanted to play Hagrid so badly he called the director personally, but he couldn’t have the part because it was a “Brits-only” cast.

However, the craziest reason why Daniel Radcliffe was was cast was because he had “the balls” to play Harry Potter.

“There were two [for the part of Harry]. Chris right away liked Daniel, but there were a couple of people who went, ‘Hmm. That other kid’s interesting,’” Hirshenson said. “The other kid was terrific and very vulnerable and very Harry-looking, but besides that, Harry was going to become a very powerful kid, too. And Daniel had both sides. He was very vulnerable, but the other kid ― it was like, he [was] not going to have the balls that Daniel has, to put it that way.”

Basically, they picked Radcliffe because they felt he would better portray Harry Potter’s more adult scenes, which includes violence and death. Luckily for the cast and crew, it all worked out.

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