Logan was a box office hit movie. But what made this film special was the breakout performance of Dafne Keene. The child actor was able to carry a major motion picture that has a fan base in the multimillions, which is a risky thing to do. Without saying many words for a majority of the story, the actress managed to keep up with her two much more experienced costars.

Now we are lucky to get a glimpse into her interesting development into the character. With the Logan out on digital HD this week, entertainment weekly has released her audition tape.

As you can imagine, this was not a conventional audition process. While reading the scene with Hugh Jackman, Keene asked director James Mangold if she could improvise the scene, which shocked the entire cast and crew. Here’s how Patrick Stewart explained the situation:

“James showed me a clip of her audition on camera, and he said, ‘I’d like to know what you think of this’. She was playing a scene and it was very very good, and on the clip, she asked the director: Could she improvise the scene? and she went into her own version of the scene, in a mixture of Spanish and English, and it was one of the most extraordinary bit of audition tape I had ever seen in my life.”

Check out the audition below:

The test is pretty impressive especially considering she’s only a child actor. Producer Hutch Parker stated that her acting talent is one-of-a-kind.

“There were qualities you can’t ask of somebody to deliver. A level of strength a sort of stage presence and a maturity that still doesn’t really make sense to me. It felt like she could do this difficult thing of on the one hand being this emotional kind of co-star with Hugh and with Patrick, and on top of that also manage the physicality […] She was really a remarkable discovery.”

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