The Hollywood Reporter recently held a roundtable featuring actors who have been named and expected to win during this award season. One of the featured actors was Andrew Garfield, who has received amazing reviews for starring in Hacksaw Ridge. He also starred in Silence, a project directed by Martin Scorsese.

When asked about his least favorite thing about acting, Garfield said: “I just like knowing everything I can. I love the fact that I get to train for a year as a Jesuit priest and then train to be a cop and learn how to make a rocking chair. I want to know everything about everything, and that’s not possible and it won’t be possible. I’m not ever going to reach it. Neil Young has a recurring dream where he has the perfect melody — and he wakes up every time and can’t remember it. And that’s what it is for me. There’s something to aspire to always, there’s somewhere further to go. And the thing that I hate about acting is — well, everything I just said. (Laughter.) The longing is so fucking painful sometimes.”

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