10 Actors Who Refused To Kiss Other Actors On Screen (VIDEO)

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Here are several actors who refused to kiss their co-stars on screen.

Many of us would love the chance to make out with Hollywood’s most popular actors, not all celebrities share the same enthusiasm. Many actors have even refused to kiss their co-stars, even if that meant that their jobs were on the line.

Recently, YouTuber Nicki Swift broke down which actors refused to make out with their costars. The list includes Neal McDonough, Denzel Washington, Kevin Hart, Janet Jackson, Lindsey Lohan and Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley.

For example, Denzel Washington reportedly decided not to film the scene with Julia Roberts because he did not want to play into Hollywood’s biased beauty ideals and alienate fans. Allison Samuels, a writer for Newsweek and the Daily Beast, talked about Washington’s decision in her 2007 book, Off the Record: A Reporter Unveils the Celebrity Worlds of Hollywood, Hip-hop, and Sports. According to Samuels, the Oscar-winner had this to say about foregoing that cinematic kiss: “Black women are not often seen as objects of desire on film. And they have always been my core audience.”


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