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10 Actors Who Refused To Kiss Other Actors On Screen (VIDEO)

Here are several actors who refused to kiss their co-stars on screen. Many of us would love the chance to make out with Hollywood’s most popular actors, not all celebrities share the same enthusiasm. Many...
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Denzel Washington on Acting: “I Keep Trying to Get Better”

Denzel Washington has arguably mastered the art of being an entertaining performer. In his latest film, Roman J. Israel, Esq., Washington plays a brilliant attorney who has difficulty integrating with others in social situations. In...
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Denzel Washington Shares Amazing Tips for Aspiring Actors (VIDEO)

Do you want to become an actor? If so, one of the best actors to study is Academy Award-winning actor Denzel Washington. Earlier this week, Denzel Washingtons at down with the SAG-AFTRA Foundation to discuss...
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Denzel Washington Reveals Why He Passed on a Role Early in His Career (VIDEO)

Denzel Washington is one of the best actors of all time and the long list of awards he has earned are a testament to that. However, by his own admission, it might have gone completely...
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Denzel Washington’s ‘Equalizer 2′ Set Shooting Leads to Multiple Arrests

Boston Police Department announced on Thursday that two people have been arrested in connection with a shooting over the weekend on the set of Denzel Washington’s new movie The Equalizer 2. According to reports, Dionte...
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Cop Fired for Copying Denzel Washington’s ‘Training Day’ Character

In one of the best movies in Denzel Washington's acting career, he plays Alonzo Harris a corrupt LAPD detective in the film Training Day. Washington's character takes Ethan Hawke, a training narcotics officer, on...

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