Wonder Woman has destroyed expectations and open to another store at $100 million box office debut.

The tent pole feature film lands the movie one of the highest domestic openings of all time for a female director and launches the major studio film franchise featuring a female superhero. Moreover, overseas Wonder Woman took in $122.5 million for a total of $223 million globally.

In a paradigm shift move for Hollywood’s the gender problem, Wonder Woman has destroyed any misconceptions or beliefs that women cannot deliver box office hit movies. According to reports, the film earned $100.5 million from 4,165 theaters in its domestic box office debut, the biggest opening of all time for a female director.

Hollywood studios are known for not hiring many female directors, especially not hiring female filmmakers for big-budget productions. That said, Wonder Woman’s performance will undoubtedly shake-up the film industry and provide more opportunities for women filmmakers.

The Gal Gadot starring production also launches the first film franchise featuring a female superhero after both Catwoman and Elektra flopped at the box office. It is important to note that Wonder Woman has been in development for over 20 years.

Wonder Woman becomes the 16th superhero movie to make $100 million in its domestic box-office debut, a list that is dominated by Disney’s Marvel productions.

The previous record holder for a top opening by a female director was Sam Taylor-Johnson’s Fifty Shades of Grey. That movie debuted to $93 million over the four-day Valentine’s Day/President’s Day weekend in 2015.