“Rush Hour” Reboot With an All-Female Cast is Coming Soon (Report)

Rush Hour - Jackie Chan Chris Tucker
Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan at the Los Angeles Premiere of "Rush Hour 3". Mann's Chinese Theater, Hollywood, CA. 07-30-07 - Image (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Rush Hour” is back!

According to That Hash Tag Show, STX Studios are in early development for a “Rush Hour” reboot with female versions of detective James Carter and inspector Lee.

Jumping off “Rush Hour”’s box office succession, where the movie made $244 million in 1998, a female spin-off would give fans the chance to enjoy the franchise once more. According to reports, the female version of Jackie Chan’s character could potentially be played by BingBing Li, who is most known for her roles in “Resident Evil: Retribution, “The Meg”, and “X-Men: Days of Future Past.”

The release date has not been released, but we will make sure to keep you updated once more information is released.

About Rush Hour:

Rush Hour was directed by Brett Ratner and written by written by Jim Kouf and Ross LaManna from a story by LaManna. It stars Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in a buddy cop comedy who must recuse Chinese consul’s kidnapped daughter. Released on September 18, 1998, the movie made over $244 million worldwide. The movie’s success led to two sequels including “Rush Hour 2” and “Rush Hour 3”.

 Roger Ebert praised both Jackie Chan, for his entertaining action sequences without the use of stunt doubles, and Chris Tucker, for his comedic timing in the movie, and how they formed an effective comedic duo.