SING is called racist by moviegoers.

The Universal Pictures’ 3D animated musical comedy which was released in theaters last week, is being accused of promoting racial stereotypes because the movie’s plot involves gorillas who are sent to prison for criminal activity. Several Twitter users noted that the movie perpetuates uncomfortable stereotypes about black people.

One of the lead characters, Johnny, is a gorilla who wants to become a hip-hop singer but is held back by his father, who at one point in the movie is in prison for running a gang.

Wanting to become a rapper, Johnny betrays his father by abandoning him during the middle of a robbery, leading to his dad’s incarceration in prison.

Many people found the storyline to perpetuate racial stereotypes and many people took to Twitter to call out the comedy.

Despite the criticism the movie was a hit and earned over $100 million in the box office in its first week.

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