TLC “What Not To Wear” Casting Call

Casting Calls are getting ramped up for  TLC’s “What Not To Wear”.

I think we can all recall someone in our lives with an awkward sense of style or someone with completely NO sense of style. Have you ever wanted to surprise them with a complete makeover? Well, casting directors of the popular makeover show “What Not to Wear” on TLC and  are currently trying to SURPRISE a deserving woman whose wardrobe is in serious need of attention.

What Not to Wear draws on the personality and talent of fashion experts Stacy London and Clinton Kelly to convert participants from dowdy to dashing. Hair stylist Ted Gibson and makeup artist Carmindy add the finishing touches that complete the change.” (TLC)

Casting Call and Audition Information

Casting is currently underway in the Orlando Area. They are looking for women ages 21 to 45 who might be in need of a $5,000 fashion make over. Maybe she dresses in clothing that is too tight, too big or just completely inappropriate!

Nominate Her Today and email the following information to
  • Nominee Info: Name, Her Age, Location, Size and Occupation
  • Briefly explain her story and how it relates to her bad wardrobe.
  • At least 4 pictures that show her bad clothing-no costumes!
  • Nominator’s info (your Name and contact number)

 Keep us updated on your submissions!

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  • http://TLC catia gaspar

    how do i join in

  • Melinda Smart

    From Regina Saskatchewan 50 yr female desperately needs your shows help. If you ever want to help the western provinces look great let me know

  • Anna Kitzmiller

    Im from Apple Creek Ohio my sister needs help badly! please help us all out! She dresses either like a 12 year old boy or a frumpy old grandma!

  • Amberly Bryant

    Looking forward to hearing from you!!!!!!!!! :) My mother needs your help! ! !

  • Kyndle Shea

    can I nominate myself? I really need the help and the confidence that I used to have. after having 2 kids I have lost all of that…. :(

  • waltiasia

    my grandma is dressing waith my granpa clothes she need a makeover

  • amanda vacher

    NOMINATE MY MOM!she’s 40 years old,has 7 kids and is always busy doing something,my mom is soooooo pretty,just aged and she needs a makeover. her wardrobe includes:light denim jeans,big baggy shirts,built in bra tank-tops,and cotton skirts,and when she needs to “dress up” the old lady dresses come out O.O

  • nicole

    my mom needs your help asap please select us. please help

  • Cassandra orr

    My mother is a deaf 46 year old divorcee of 8 years, she dresses in jean overalls sweats and more to dinner, shes 5’7 and about 130. She will wear clothes for a 160-200lb woman! She refuses to better herself and get back into the dating world, we all know she deserves so much more :) I have video and pictures of her bizzar outfits :)

  • bobaloo

    everyone I know says I would transform from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY with the

    help of Stacy and Clinton I am over 50.

  • Lisa Eichelser

    I would like to nominate my beautiful 44 year old sister Kelly. Kelly is a hairstylist by trade and has had an incredible life changing weight loss from successful gastric bypass surgery. Kelly’s 100 lb weight loss paired with the meeting up with her 2nd husband who is a “the classic BIKER” has turned sister Kelly into a throwback biker babe from the “80s”!!! Please help Sista Kelly find the Beauty she is on the outside as she is on the inside? Kelly lives in Exeter NH with her husband Mark..

  • Helen abraha

    I like to nominate my beautiful 37 years old wife.she is a housewife with three kinds and has had an incredible life changing weight loss.My wife lost 60 pound.She will wear clothe for 200 pound women. She refuses to better her self. Please help my wife how to dress . My email is wbeniam@yahoo .com

  • Linda Puckett

    My daughter is a 43 Yr old beautiful disabled woman, she has custody of her 4 Yr old grand daughter me her Mama, her husband & her sister would love some help with her from yall, all she wears is t shirts & boxers n the summer & n the winter its jogging pants & t shirts, plez help!!!!!! Yall can reach me at 601/382/9172 my name is Linda. Thanks I pray I hear from yall very soon.

  • sara holmstrom

    I Love what not to wear, and i really enjoy watching women gain their confidence and sense of style back, but i would LOVE even more for you to help men too!! My boyfriend was a stylish man who cared for his appearance, but after a bit of weight gain his self esteem and style suffer. I think men deserve to feel confident in the way they look too! :)

  • Bonnie Carfagno

    I think I’m gonna need your help What Not To Wear! I’m having weight loss surgery in early November 2013 and anticipate losing 100 lbs over the next year or so. I’m 52 years old and basically live in yoga pants and tank tops! I’d like to get my teaching career going again but have no idea what to wear with my new body. Heeeeellllpppppp!

  • lindsay fortin

    I would be happy to have your help what not to wear! MY MOM ALL SHE IS WEARING IS PLUMBING Teeshirts and 90’s clothing ETC.We dont have alot of money and she sacrifices her wardrobe for mine,Im 14. PLEASE HELP NOW! So embarrassing and depressing.She could be so much better in nicer clothing.

  • Tiffany Hendrix

    So… I have recently moved from North Carolina to Colorado to start a NEW LIFE!!
    I am a 34 year old bartender, yes I said 34 year old bartender, and I have pigeon holed my wardrobe to at 21 year old’s wardrobe:( I super need someone to help propell my confidence to the next level so I can TRANSFORM from bartender to bar owner. My entire support system is on the east coast and I wanna look more like Woman and not like a college student! I have to stop shopping at forever 21, because let’s face it, you can’t be forever 21. SAD BUT TRUE:(

  • Vic

    My cousin needs your help. Wrong color clothes, scuffed shoes, flat hair and smudged makeup. Working full time with 2 kids, she never put effort to herself.

  • kelsee burns

    I am 19 years old my husband is in the army and I live with my mother in law she is a cna and has no time for herself she is in her 40’s and she really needs a new makeover she wears shirts that are either to small or to big for her I would like to do something nice for her as a daughter in law please help ! you can contact me at 541-251-1165 email is

  • Ginny Powers

    My sister is a single mom and she just lost her job… She is very down in herself and dresses as such… I heard that the final episode is coming up but I was wondering if there was anything we (her family and friends) could do to help her??? She is the light if this family and without her idk what we would do and some if us are scared that she might be getting so low on herself that she might just finally give up all together.. She never checks her old email so you can reach me there My name is Ginny

  • Maddie

    You should do the Oklahoma area next in a few years cause I know a girl who is only 17 now but she should totally be on this show when she is older. She is so pretty, funny, and cute, but she does not care about style at all she literally has 2 pairs of pants and 5 t shirts. Not kidding thats all I’ve ever seen her wear.

  • Kinsley

    OKLAHOMA is the place to go! my mom wears the same thing every day! She is the best mom ever but i think she needs a new look. Every day is the same thing!

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